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Discussion of Developer Diary #06

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  • Executive Producer Skystreak Productions

DD 06

Dear Pilots,

Welcome to our first Developer Diary of 2024! We’ve been busy working on all aspects of our prototype as you can imagine and we have recently expanded our team a little bit further with the addition of a new Senior Programmer named Fred. Wish him good luck!! He's a brave man. :classic_biggrin: 

Our main areas of focus continue to be flight-modeling and systems for both the A6M2 and F4F-4, more instrumentation, and support for controllers. We are also now engaged in sound work for both planes. Our development goals remain modest and for the remainder of our first fiscal year, but we are making steady progress. We still plan to participate in FS Expo, assuming they can book a new venue now that the Tropicana Hotel is closing in April. We plan to show you what we have flying at that point and have attendees take the stick. Actually, we could show you some in-flight footage today, but it's quite ugly and raw, so we'll wait until things look a little bit more attractive.   

On a general note, we’ve received many, many requests for features and content since we went public and we love hearing what you’d like to see in Combat Pilot so please don’t stop. The enthusiasm for what we’re making is fantastic and we appreciate it. However, just keep in mind that making a combat flight-sim is tough, and there are strong headwinds we must fight to reach our destination. Nothing in this genre is ever easy and like most start-ups, our limiting factors are always going to be the budget and manpower, not our imagination, creativity or desire to please the community. So, we are trying to be smart and only bite off what we can chew, avoid mission creep and stay on target! So, if we can’t answer when a particular feature or plane is going to be available, please have patience as we work to reach our first technical milestone this summer. We’ll share more about that goal in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, let’s have a look at some excellent work by our art team since our last update. You’ll see a much bigger splash of color as we start to texture more of our 3D assets You’ll also notice some amazing detail on our carriers that we hope to take advantage of.

A6M2 Textures

Our Zeke is looking nice is it’s early-war color scheme. The legendary look. John has really brought her to life. Also, before you comment about the color, all textures are considered WIP. The exact color of the early Zero, in particular, can be a controversial topic we know. This texture is just the start. 


Zeke_01.thumb.png.0c79370df8a8ccfe009111bb48ad3936.png Zeke_02.thumb.png.393dad9640c1b1f8d514ead84c1be6a8.png Zeke_03.thumb.png.0213e0d8a9285d87e872fc60a3d09190.png Zeke_04.thumb.png.d1e0573bece777c60efa1c50b08e3595.png Zeke_05.thumb.png.ccd1a683baae7ba8c9b2e751019cc739.png

Zeke_06.thumb.png.abd681e224a6b3516ba00ffe714efa4e.png Zeke_07.thumb.png.c08c69fe55d6defd0b38f1f62a404e11.png Zeke_08.thumb.png.e758a4f17710dfce0a5912ef23a94709.png Zeke_09.thumb.png.432820b01e800faad1117feb6b99818d.png Zeke_10.thumb.png.089b88bd3b62e99440dc0e3deb2d8816.png

F4F-4 Textures

Chris is wrapping up all the panel lines and rivets on our stout hero as he begins to paint her. Same caveats from above apply to the Wildcat's color.  

F4F_01.thumb.png.b31dc40b8f9a0453b9ea7c74700f725c.png F4F_02.thumb.png.07de17e6d35b13e3cb728ecf890e09f7.png F4F_03.thumb.png.5ef5f789cd83959b521b5466265359d8.png F4F_04.thumb.png.a4411ce6bc3342b07e46731d2639c37d.png F4F_05.thumb.png.41f429f65c878ca53acc7e6f37b75143.png

 F4F_06.thumb.png.0517acd8101f64fe18aebd0d03c46c0c.png F4F_07.thumb.png.271f8498903b805aa2438361553e40a5.png F4F_08.thumb.png.2a9051df0df94fe43bd44b65216c78ef.png F4F_09.thumb.png.cfc2090e0c053886821b025672bae1c5.png Drop_Tanks_01.thumb.png.555b063ac5fddc2023f07af006c05201.png 

Oerlikon 20mm and the 1.1 Inch 'Chicago Piano'

Here we showcase more of Stefan’s handiwork that will be defending American carriers. Top notch!  

20mm_01.thumb.png.2e285925c3c409e5c724d553e88715bc.png 20mm_02.thumb.png.38987df2eed137b5fa66b793d3a19dd4.png 20mm_03.thumb.png.b48ed504ab1285db43e2751f6747d3be.png 20mm_04.thumb.png.f18fe506f3f2381cbec012017c016fd0.png

Chicago_01.thumb.png.1f40213acf2e577885af1a09e3fa04a6.png Chicago_02.thumb.png.9a1f7a650d7ac8a399e67921e0e27392.png Chicago_03.thumb.png.a4903c95f6c64ad092608e474c8c2ed1.png Chicago_04.thumb.png.66a51f5d4906d8085bcfead844de40f4.png

5/51 Gun Ready!

Our 5-inch shore battery is ready to protect Midway Atoll from invasion. It’s final details have been added by Tamas. Next up is the 7-inch gun! 

5-51_01.thumb.png.beb22aae52e0a1baa3f027164fdcba22.png 5-51_02.thumb.png.0fad516945205f9a4452bda2a1b6b7f7.png 5-51_03.thumb.png.3587a3bcd4d1cd5b9d27e28845160220.png 5-51_04.thumb.png.06f22a1387eeb0cf4f511adc1438d358.png 5-51_05.thumb.png.08c0548bc7e3ebdecb0d95fac8fe60d2.png

USS Enterprise Hangar Deck

And our friends at DigitalForms continue to impress us with detail work on both ships, especially the Enterprise and Akagi’s hangar decks. To be honest, we don’t know exactly how much of this detail we will use yet or how we will integrate into the gameplay, but it’s nice to have it available. Of course, we have lots of ideas, but there is much more to do before we tackle this issue. It’s interesting to compare the hangar deck designs and available space between the Enterprise and Akagi below.

ENT_01.thumb.png.df52c2e034a53c14fa157054842678c8.png ENT_02.thumb.png.bc0d239e37304d9bee429defcadadaba.png ENT_03.thumb.png.1d024262ccdd6414b6e72014818e0540.png ENT_04.thumb.png.3db39580c5454e7d8a12f1fd302ea6ae.png ENT_05.thumb.png.bbcd1660907042ab78fbe8156932ac18.png ENT_06.thumb.png.cf9d10860415f659b5cc04310e81edd2.png

ENT_07.thumb.png.3bc380f6dbfc686b0b1e9b4dafb6e26b.png ENT_08.thumb.png.cdd6759287d686f765f146ac3ccbd51f.png ENT_08a.thumb.png.8a61e48636e952c07c559de7f6f79e3e.png ENT_09.thumb.png.9e8d69f4701fdbbe50183b9bfcc56b87.png ENT_10.thumb.png.ccb9d351024b4014624710dfbf3b72aa.png ENT_11.thumb.png.7ce66ff1d626af50810c3947e19f03e0.png

IJN Akagi Hangar Deck

The Akagi’s hangar deck looks quite a bit narrower than the Enterprise’s, but did you know it was two story? Such a magnificent and iconic ship.

AKGi_02.thumb.png.7a2f399ac42d4847874b8e197d682a8e.png AKGi_01.thumb.png.7373fe7ab0209f310d6ac9b2e1790f82.png AKGi_03.thumb.png.2c77b7489444139f8d4b0d9dee5b43dc.png AKGi_04.thumb.png.6d6cd006c1ae213faf184afebc29ca85.png AKGi_05.thumb.png.79dea9759d06b691679c98e2a173e9b3.png AKGi_06.thumb.png.256ba3e2264411a8f2a2a68fdfc81fe5.png

AKGi_07.thumb.png.64ccb7464dc8501b007574c5e3689851.png AKGi_08.thumb.png.d60da10931340836d212f2b8434f5a04.png AKGi_10.thumb.png.60ba1dbc8f1f843709f60b7ae6ee2344.png AKGi_09.thumb.png.93bf4d7579314f0417d3f25dcf04f8a8.png AKGi_11.thumb.png.7f24fbe10e5f393b8588f6552fb4ad2a.png AKGi_12.thumb.png.cdeb1f24b1cae5058da7476f3cc83f67.png

And before we end this DD we want to give a hearty THANK YOU to Maty12 (very recently) and Batmacumba (couple months ago) who have assisted us with taking pictures of some important AAA guns at a museum in Brazil that will aid us in our work. Very much appreciated!


チーフスは延長戦で3点差で勝利した。 銀行に持って行きましょう。

The Combat Pilot Team

Full Developer Diary is HERE!


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Thanks so much for this update! Everything is looking great! Keep up the good work.

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Looks amazing! Thanks for giving us our necessary fix of dopamine.

Do let us know if you need more help locating or photographing specific (museum) pieces! I unfortunately live in Belgium, so doubt there's much related to the PTO here but will check.

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34 minutes ago, CPT Crunch said:

What a jolt it would be to lift up out of the light and serene hanger bay to be greeted with a dark windy raining pitching and moody deck with brilliant flashes of lightning and turbulent seas scaring the living carp out of us. 

That is an amazing mental visual. 👍



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Download Missions, Skins, & Essential files for IL-2 1946 and several other game series from Mission4Today.

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20 hours ago, CPT Crunch said:

What a jolt it would be to lift up out of the light and serene hanger bay to be greeted with a dark windy raining pitching and moody deck with brilliant flashes of lightning and turbulent seas scaring the living carp out of us. 





Some early alpha screenshots depicting this particular scene.



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The detailing is excellent, sad you mention not all of it will necessarily make it into the sim but I guess there will always be that compromise necessary to allow the largest player base to use it. Having to make those choices must be so hard, always having to think about performance, it is almost criminal not to include it all after such excellent 3d and skin work by the team.

I cannot imagine what it must be like to actually service/repair an aircraft cramped inside those hangers, I wonder how many fingers/limbs were damaged as things slipped and bounced around in a warship at sea, not to mention when the bullets and bombs started to fly.

Congratulations to all on the work so far, thanks for posting, really appreciated.:classic_cool:

Take care and be safe.

Wishing you all the very best, Pete.:classic_biggrin:



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Incredible looking models. The interior of the carrier is incredible. At some point in the future, I hope we'll be able to explore (that is, wander around) the hanger deck.

Sign me up anytime for early access. I've got cash burning a hole in my pocket for this.

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