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  1. Won't be getting the Chinook... the video looks good mind.
  2. Watched the series, loved it... can't wait for the next one. It was great to see all the stuff that you recognise in the games... and yes, in the game I did join the Brotherhood of Steel!
  3. lol!... I'm not sure I'd want to be flying anything with floats on when the Japanese navy fighters are around... mind you, the Vought OS2U might be fun trying to sink an enemy sub with bombs or depth charges...
  4. Not so cool if you meet a flight of Nipponese premier fighters... 😬
  5. That's an alligator isn't it?... crocs have longer jaws.
  6. Maybe they are now just a little worried about how good this PTO version is going to be... because they will have to match it or better it when they eventually do their version. Probably just a knee jerk reaction...
  7. Thomas can fall asleep anywhere... even when I'm trying to fly something.
  8. All I have from Razbam is the MiG-19, so for me any forthcoming drama will not affect me much... but for others, who may have bought all their products so far it may have much more of an impact if things go south. Of course there are their future modules as well that could be impacted... ED has stated they will not be pulling the F-15E from the store, as some punters are sticking their oar in stirring the pot that it should be removed as it may not be completed... sad stuff, but hopefully some sort of agreement may be arranged once the heat has died down and reality kicks in.
  9. That Hun will have a life changing experience when he meets the Potter Squadron from Gryffindor!
  10. It will get sorted and things will resume... be sure!
  11. You can get yourself locked up for saying things like that
  12. I hope they never waste time on Jerry aircraft unless they are in a combat setting where they were used (one day) Anyway, there are pretty good versions of these aircraft already in other games...
  13. This will get some hearts fluttering...
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