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  1. Welcome to the Combat Pilot forums @AngelicCypher. Not sure how many CFS2 transients are floating around these particular forums but you will no doubt be bumping into more than a handful of Pacific Fighters/IL-2 1946 refugees during your stay. Wheels
  2. Saw it. Sadly, as usual, the pre-release hype did not live up to what ended up being the final product. The movie was not terrible by any means and it did have a moment or two that clicked but it just did not engender the same nostalgic feelings I got when I saw Top Gun: Maverick. Wheels
  3. Can almost guarantee that the sound effects were added after the fact too. Wheels
  4. I purchased Clod when it was first available at the Great Battles store even though it still requires Steam to play. I did not know if @Jason_Williams got any dough from those purchases but I figured if he got enough sales through the GB store it might help him in his dealings with upper management when it came to who knew his customers better. Wheels
  5. Always amazes me how little room there is on both sides of those large ships in the locks of the canal. Wheels
  6. Best thing about that opening sequence was Catherine Bach. Wheels
  7. Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket: http://www.aviation-history.com/grumman/xf5f.html Wheels
  8. Some enterprising soul has taken the time to list all of the Intro messages. List of Jim Rockford's answering machine gags: http://www.myths.com/pub/humor/misc/rockford.html Wheels
  9. Not trying to discount anything you may have read but in 2014 Planes of Fame had a Marine tail gunner that flew in SBD's during the World War II as a guest speaker at their monthly event and he stated he always flew facing the tail and manning the guns. Personally his assertion made sense to me on the grounds that you would not want to have to spend time turning around in your seat before you could engage a plane attacking you from behind. Wheels
  10. The fact that he survived is practically unbelievable when you view that film. On a side note, I do believe that is the footage they used when Heston crashed his SBD in the movie Midway. Wheels
  11. Beautiful work. I always enjoyed flying it in 1946 but you had to be really careful landing it or the undercarriage would collapse. Wheels
  12. Considering how straight the lines are in the area that was repainted or cleaned it does look as if was taped off before the work was done. Wheels
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