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  1. One of my all time favourites. Stellar cast, hysterical national sterotypes and the arch villian played by Terry Thomas as Sir Percy Ware-Armitage. A nice play on words, as Ware-Armitage was a company that made urinals and toilets. And my favourite line? When Emilio Ponticelli reneged on a promise to stop flying. Wife: But Emilio, you promised! Emilio: It's postponed. And the aeroplanes! Twenty (20) were built for the movie, seven (7) of which could actually fly. Wonderful to see them in the air. The Santos-Dumont Demoiselle actually needed a specific pilot for it, as weight and space was critical. In the end they found a ex-wartime Air Transport Auxillary pilot by the name of Joan Hughes, who was small enough (51kg) and skilled enough to fly it. The British really did produce many classic movies in the 60's.
  2. Great movie, and marvellous flying.
  3. Really like those period photo's around rabaul. Brings home just how primitive and basic the Theatre was.
  4. And the final two. A real contrast.
  5. There isn't much out there on the Tenth AF. This one is a reasonably good starter. It'll do until I get a copy of Edward M. Young's far more comprehensive "The Tenth Air Force in World War II: Strategy, Command, and Operations 1942-1945.
  6. I'd always thought that the Mosquito performed badly in Burma due to the wood frame suffering badly due to the humidity. Mosquito Intruder proves that a fallacy. It's an excellent read, although please note that Burma only features in the second half of the book, from April '44 onwards. The first is half is taken up with Intruder operations over Europe (a good read in itself). I've included the Images Of War book as it's photo's provide excellent summation of the really poor conditions for any air force operating over Burma.
  7. Two books that well illustrate the transformation Allied fighter aircraft underwent, and their application in Theatre.
  8. Two good books on 'Hump' flying. One first hand, the other broader in subject. Easily the most inhospitable environment that anyone could fly over, including New Guinea.
  9. Far east Air Operations is a rather dry read, but fascinating for it's insights.
  10. Thought I would post a few books from my collection that deal with a very forgotten Theatre. Burma and the CBI. They really illustrate the wide variety of activities that a pilot could undertake in Theatre. Activities that were on a par in importance with fighters and bombers, which in most other Theatre's held precedence. Oh, and I should add, I think they are all great reads.
  11. Oh I don't know. It would be a hoot if your player, having successfuly bailed out, had to out-swim a crocodile. And if he actually makes it safely to land, he then gets chased by a wild boar or water buffalo! Poor bugger would need 2 weeks survivor's leave in Sydney after that.
  12. Buy the GoG version. Solves it. :)
  13. American Air Losses for the same period. Source: Richard B. Franks classic "Guadalcanal: The Definitive Account"
  14. Japanese air losses over Guadalcanal were crippling, much more so than at Midway.
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