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  1. Jason is creative, and has room to provide options if he so wishes. I know that he’s not going to hit us with a forced subscription though - so I’m not even a little bit concerned. 🙂 I’m far more interested in watching the product come together. 🙂
  2. I have enough monthly bills/subscriptions, thanks. Digital download is neither here nor there frankly - it’s been like that for a long time now. A few dollars here, a few there…one can go broke. Add $10 month up for a few years, that’s quite a sum. What amount of content should I expect over 2 years for that much money? Enough of us already hate Adobe. That said I don’t see a problem with an option to subscribe…whatever that looks like. Maybe simply as an “above and beyond” financial support option with no expectation of extra content. Maybe some swag every year, like a T-shirt. 🙂 Otherwise I can’t imagine what would have to offered to make it worth the cost for most users.
  3. Essentially insert “concern X” because to that user it’s of paramount importance. Pick anything. In all cases it’s just too early for worry and frankly even mild concern - let’s see what shakes out. 🙂
  4. I can't tell you what I'm flying today because it's in testing still...but it's an absolute beauty, set's a new standard, and you're really going to like it.
  5. Lead - “You’re the first guy who’s ever stayed with me in a fight” Wingman - ”I didn’t admit to him I was just lucky” Perfect illustration of what I was saying. Further, throw in a second German fighter and that would have been the end of him staying with his lead. 🙂
  6. Problem is that once the fur starts to fly, adrenaline and tunnel vision, SA issues etc take over. Again nothing is all the time, however the above items play into the pilots ‘ability’ you mention. Reality was that often (not always) there was little or no cohesion in these circumstances. Bud Anderson didn’t have his wingman with him in his ‘straight up’ fight for instance, everyone was scattered all over the sky. This is why you hear about the massive fight, “then suddenly I was alone” phenomenon over and over again. This is why over and over pilot’s are lost, and nobody saw what happened. I’ve track already of how many times this happened just with VMF 214 alone, Wildcats and Corsairs, not even halfway up the Solomons yet.
  7. No doubt. I was just reading again last night in Gamble’s book on the Blacksheep “everyone separating as the fight begins”
  8. I think it was the intention, but depending on time frame, squadron etc it usually didn’t end up shaking out that way in larger fights. I interviewed a handful of pilots from the 352nd for instance, and they all verified the “every man for himself” effect. Of course we know of places where discipline was maintained out of necessity - Jimmy Thach etc.
  9. It simply didn’t happen that way most of the time in WWII. There exceptions, but by and large once the fight began it was every man for himself.
  10. I’m thinking in the contexts of say a 2 night, or week long online war scenario. Each side has a given amount of resources, including pilots (available slots) If a player gets shot down, and in the dinghy, then the player exits, However that pilot resource (available slot) is lost unless rescued, thereby restoring it for use by any player. If that makes sense. @Sea Serpent maybe this is close to what you were saying.
  11. Yeah...I'm not a fan...it just encourages certain behaviors that manifest to some degree even without a points system/stats. Stats just exacerbate the problem. In any case, I'm with you on the SAR dynamic etc...I'd fly that a lot. 🙂
  12. H8k Emily - the dream!
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