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Discussion of Developer Diary #05


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  • Executive Producer Skystreak Productions

DD 05

Dear Pilots,

Welcome to the last Developer Diary of our inaugural year. What a first year it has been! We’ve managed to form a team, set initial goals, build assets, establish a community, setup lines of communication, get a plane flying in the engine and lay the technical ground work for our playable prototype. We have a long road ahead, but we’re on the road or perhaps I should say that we’re taxing towards takeoff? That’s probably a better analogy.

This developer diary highlights more progress with building important assets that we’ll need and it marks a turning point in our internal and external operations that we’ll speak more about after the turn of the new year. We’re planning some new initiatives that we think you’ll be interested in along with pursuing additional development partnerships that can aid us in our journey. So stay tuned.

Now on to the fun stuff!

Big ‘E’

Work on the Enterprise continues and our development partners DigitalForms is making rapid progress on her. We’re making sure to add sufficient detail so the ‘Big E’ will look as impressive as she was in real life.  

Enterprise_01.thumb.png.54c286b83f82ec4ac13b242ae9c858d0.png Enterprise_02.thumb.png.74f6eb3a1cea5f6eda393ee1df5a71dd.png Enterprise_03.thumb.png.f96d65d016c953298ddaae3cd03fea31.png Enterprise_04.thumb.png.31532333bcaf2e148bba8d0ada901ea0.png

IJN Akagi

The Akagi is also making strong progress and her island is now taking shape. A much smaller island than the Enterprise, but what an iconic and beautiful vessel she will be when completed.

Akagi_01.thumb.png.ec88a60e237ddd128975d0d889f063be.png Akagi_02.thumb.png.4ae129cb572952c0e587c1ed47beb90e.png Akagi_03.thumb.png.0b1b848f11fc2b3c05c3344e88d17edb.png Akagi_04.thumb.png.c4b80c82a1a56c716a61f7ba6eb693f8.png

Midway Buildings

Our work to make Midway as realistic as possible continues and more 3D work by Carl and research by Jason has uncovered more of the story. Understanding what buildings were there during the battle is quite the mystery. Just one example is the famous seaplane hangar. Much has been said about it being bombed during the battle, but very little has been said about what happened after. Turns our it was re-built, but only half of it was! The original hangar was twice as large as we thought it was initially. Further research indicates that it was a near twin to hangars found in Hawaii and at Pearl Harbor. The Midway hangar had a control tower affixed to the southeastern corner overlooking seaplane operations. There are no clear photos or drawings to work off so we’ve done our best to figure out what it looked like. We are also building various other buildings such as workshops and some rather unique military housing. If only we could go back in time and walk around this island during this important piece of history and properly document it.

Building_00.thumb.png.acd45d194fc0fd8191ccbe09a3459ef0.png Building_01.thumb.png.92123c36b59e0a9875a817a957c18d32.png Building_02.thumb.png.e13908d57ed7dd0d9f4f463e75dceb46.png Building_03.thumb.png.1e20e05ea7d11a36c5de047c8d88b236.png
Building_04.thumb.png.12dbc163bfa655adafd15e6fdf878493.png Building_05.thumb.png.95d3473a4f77e2019e3f90e915d38f02.png Building_06.thumb.png.c365dcd52bc9be0c736fa255208caa1e.png Building_07.thumb.png.ca93019291b65026a10f7a2376ff6bb9.png

5 in. / 38 Cal. Gun

Our carrier hulls are being built by DF, but their guns are being built internally by Stefan. Here is his textured 5/38 gun ready to protect the Enterprise from attack. Notice the little R2D2-like unit to the side, or is it more like R5D4?

5in_38_01.thumb.png.58d8224a6a927df6b22fc92a2e83f2ce.png 5in_38_02.thumb.png.15150bc92166f7236d096461517a9e4b.png 5in_38_03.thumb.png.1b3a2590ecb10f727af4a1f3c755f523.png 5in_38_04.thumb.png.a867fb5e460bda74aceb3240465198f5.png

5 in. / 51 Cal. Gun

To protect Midway, our Lead Modeler Tamas, is building the shore batteries and here is a textured 5/51 gun almost ready for action. These guns look rather simple at first glance, but they truly are complex pieces of machinery. Trying to dig up good info on these old guns is not easy. We located good drawings on this gun in a textbook from the US Naval academy from 1939. Any Midshipmen among the Combat Pilot community?

5in_51_01.thumb.png.34afdcc166d2b58d523cb4bc406adf93.png 5in_51_02.thumb.png.5f12c04a64f95f338f496673663ee5f8.png 5in_51_03.thumb.png.7b4aec89f9157071910f5432ce4b6465.png 5in_51_04.thumb.png.cd454835a0559228f072af20fd00c486.png

F4F-4 Progress

And here is our tubby hero in more detail. Chris has gone a bit bonkers with internal detail that you may not see that much of, but the F4F is looking sharp. Now time to work on her textures.  

F4F-4_Details_01.thumb.png.9517be34fb9f6a2d6943f12dd6b3281d.png F4F-4_Details_02.thumb.png.f301e3d12f1d1438a0479cebe2bd58c3.png F4F-4_Details_03.thumb.png.cdca39ae547d433f4b6630dea978e32f.png
F4F-4_Details_04.thumb.png.1a81ac370102994e9621ef3d2ff5a471.png F4F-4_Details_05.thumb.png.98c6b81f764db83ac64ceaedb2391783.png F4F-4_Details_06.thumb.png.c96b4b7034b78509fa6580586b8b585f.png

A6M2 Progress

The Zeke is also coming along nicely, and John has the wingtip fold ready. Not sure how helpful this small fold was on Japanese carriers when compared to more extreme American wing-folds. The landing gear is also taking shape with nice textures.

A6M2_02.thumb.png.2bf30fdae01ff369acda92e4896661f2.png A6M2_03.thumb.png.bc9dc351fd50b217e141f552a076df53.png A6M2_01.thumb.png.765932fa826ab46e13e5e6c463416746.png

Flight-Sim Expo 2024

Some of you noticed that we created a channel on our Discord and a thread in our forum about FSExpo 2024 which will be held in Las Vegas at the Tropicana Hotel. And yes, we will be attending and have a small booth at the show. We hope to have several team members in attendance. We don’t know exactly what we’ll show there yet, but if you do plan on going please stop by and say hi to the Combat Pilot team, we would love to meet you! 



2024 Wallpaper / Calendar

With our first year together ending and a new one dawning, we thought it would be nice to give you some custom artwork as a late Christmas present. We hope this gives you a vision of what we are building.. Inside the archive you’ll find a Wallpaper / Calendar for both the USS Enterprise and the IJN Akagi steaming in the Pacific, each with some air cover passing overhead. Two iconic capital ships headed towards battle. We hope you like them. Use whichever image you like best. They're native 4K images (3840px x 2160px), but your computer should be able to scale them to your specific resolution. We've engineered them to work with up to 150% icon and taskbar size


Akagi_Thumbnail.thumb.png.f81085f26fdf2e0b502a289c41b554f9.png Enterprise_Thumbnail.thumb.png.53ffe35503c49f9b14e7a23f2cd4f7dd.png
*These images are copyrighted by Entropy.Aero and approved for your personal use only. Any commercial use without prior written approval from Entropy.Aero is prohibited. 

All of us here at Combat Pilot want to thank you for your enthusiasm and support in 2023! Have a happy and safe New Year's and we'll see you in 2024!

Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead!

The Combat Pilot Team

Full Developer Diary is HERE! 


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Awesome work team!!!

@Jason_Williams Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Everything is looking great!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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The detailing is truly breathtaking, congratulations to all the modellers they are doing stirling work on the sims assets. :beercheers:

Very much looking forward to seeing what 2024 has in store and seeing all this coming together.

Take care and be safe, hope you guys all have a very happy New Year.

Wishing you all the very best, Pete. :classic_biggrin:

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