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Nice to hear the Akagi and Enterprise are the first carriers expected :)


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On 9/30/2023 at 9:45 AM, Trooper117 said:

Why not... it's found it's way into other genres too 😁


Nope, it's part of the historical record


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“I’d say we’re offering a fair deal under the circumstances.”

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Lots of visual differences between the three sisters but when making Enterprise--and forgive me for implying those contracted to make her would not do this--make sure you get the ladder to the foretop oriented the proper way. Enterprise's was much larger with handrails, and only on her did you face aft while ascending. On Yorktown and Hornet, they had a simple ladders sans handrails that paralleled the aft foretop legs, and you faced forward while ascending. 









I know, nitpicky. 😀

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