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  1. Only if you seriously care that I shouldn't 😜
  2. If the updates don't get posted here, I'll do my best to post them here until they get a PR person 👍
  3. I agree. Adding life to airfields or the deck would add a whole new level of realism....and give you more of a reason to want to protect your base or ship 🙂
  4. Has there been any discussion on having mods posts with a different colour....like the other place 🙂 ?
  5. Saturday morning UK at 8am Here's a link to the discord server: https://discord.com/invite/KxJq2Q8C
  6. A new post from Jason on the Discord server. "It's the middle of May and the weather is heating up here in Vegas, but so is our nascent skin texture team. I thought I'd share some of their early work testing the limits of our texture technology. All very much Work-in-Progress. Beauty is always subjective so don't get too wound up. This is just a sampling of different approaches to weathering and materials. But I think they are looking really interesting and thought you would enjoy seeing them. Have a great weekend everyone!"
  7. Aircraft carrier USS Liscome Bay CVE-56
  8. Go to the 1m 46 second mark for some true B-25 audio as "Executive Sweet" taxi's into the revetment at the Camarillo Airshow in 2012, where I was able to attend and meet a few veterans of the 325th. There are a lot of other aircraft, all original audio (no music), including the FW190, P38's, P-51's, P47's, etc, etc 🙂
  9. European Air War is looking impressive!
  10. From Buzzsaw : "We are making good progress with the Speedtree integration. Speedtree 8.42 is up and functioning within our in-house Alpha. However, the shaders, i.e. the overall colour and look of the vegetation needs to be set correctly. We don't want to release a version of Speedtree to the Beta whereby the trees look like day-glo psychedelic dreams... 😉 We are currently working on this aspect. Once that is complete, we will add Speedtree to the VR Beta. The work in bug-squashing in VR is progressing as well. We have recently brought a new programmer into TF, and he is working with our lead VR programmer on identifying and eliminating the source of the crashes which have been a problem in VR. Overall VR is working very well, our testers report it is looking better than either DCS or GB, but inevitably a crash occurs... typically within about 20 minutes of the player starting a mission. Obviously we can't release VR with this problem, so our focus is on finding and eliminating the bugs causing these crashes. Once we have Speedtree into the VR Beta and once we have eliminated the crash bugs, we will open the VR Beta to all users for a final round of tests. No timeline at this point."
  11. First off, it's the Unreal Engine! Many of us older gamers have been around from the days when the Development team created the Engine itself and released their first game: As the years have progressed we now find ourselves here: What is certain, is that the game engine itself is more than capable of the scale and detail required to create something truly special. I look forward to seeing the progress of the environment itself once the map builders get to grips with it especially the weather and water effects.
  12. Mysticpuma


    @Jason_Williams Welcome aboard Crash, good to see players from. The 'old' days 👍
  13. @everyone Happy first weekend of May everyone! A quick note while our official DDs are on a short hiatus. I'm happy to report that our F4F-4 External Mesh (minus cockpit) and base textures have passed internal inspection and considered ready. She'll be live at FS Expo in June. Also, our little skin crew is now working her up to look even more realistic. This USN and USMC fighter was built by a legit real life Devil Dog taking his modeling skills even higher. Semper Fi. The Zeke is not far behind. Enjoy!
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