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  1. I agree with Kestrel, Now that I have a computer that can run it and i have it dialed in. I cant go back the absolute immersive feel of having the cockpit around me, the feeling of the plane and being able to land it with a precision that i have never known on a monitor is a game changer. Now that being said it does take a monster of a computer to run in I have an I5 1200k as well as a 4080 in my computer and it put its through its paces. But the visuals i have found are fantastic and my Situational Awarness is better. Also get XR Neck Safer trust me your neck muscles will thank you
  2. I just started using a Reverb G2 and am absoloutley blown away. I will like upgrade to an Aero before long.
  3. Yep cut my teeth on this one. And also my favorite module in another title.
  4. Please please please let us have Multi Monitor Support when the time comes.
  5. Hey all Just thought i would stop by. Been around since the Hyper-lobby days and flew with RAF_74 back in the day. Hope all is well and looking forward to the Pacific Theater. Ill be around likely crashing into the Deck
  6. I am beyond excited decided it was time for me to come on home to the Pacific
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