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Dirty/Used/lived in airfields with ground textures/elevation to match

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One feature I find disappointing in most flight sims based around WW2 is the fact the textures are so clean/clinical that the airbase/airfield looks like it was put down the day you first get to fly from it. What I find very rare to see is uneven levels, vehicle tracks and routes embedded around the location, foot tracks, dust, dirt, grime scattered around, pools of water (off the airstrip), mud, grime......just any feeling that the airbase is or has been lived in.







Iwo Jima:







Just putting it out there for the wish list, cheers, Mysticpuma



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1 hour ago, Trooper117 said:

I'm sure we would all like it just like real life, but wouldn't having shed fulls of objects, probably hundreds, of objects to make it more 'real' have an impact on FPS?

What if many of them are active, working and moving around the airfield... could it be done?

I guess we'll find out 🙂

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5 hours ago, Gambit21 said:

“Airfield junk” has always been sorely missing. Workstations, cranes, tractors, lifts, stripped aircraft, wreckers, etc etc.

That's the thing, they are or have been so clinical. Airfields that are lived in give a much better sense of belonging and 'home'. 

Looking at a few stripped down aircraft, fuel trucks moving, jeeps driving around, old track marks across and to the runway, edges of runways not being in isometric perfection, crates scattered and piled, tents in multiple areas.... 

The thing is, this is what is needed as a beginning point for players who can't work in a QMB/FMB and spend hours creating this. This needs to be an auto generated /randomly generated feature each time the mission/game launches. 

The actual air strips would be untouched but the surrounding areas could be randomised to make each adventure different. 

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I certainly agree with Mysticpuma on having "lived in" airfields, however even more important to me are airfields that are representative of those found at that period of the war, even if this means multiple versions of a map.
It's an immersion killer flying 1942 missions and having an airfield/s modelled on late war aerial photographs obtained from Pacific Wrecks.
The following screenshots will probably look primitive to those of you playing current generation sims, but I think I've given players (1946) something that's at least half captures the look of that time.


2023.01.15 16-21-39.jpg

2023.12.02 16-48-35.jpg

2023.12.05 20-50-51.jpg

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I too would like to see grungy, dirty, lived in frontline airfields, maybe some bustling with activity. My guess is, historically it was difficult to devote that kind of attention and resources to ground based assets in a flight sim, where presumably you spend most of your time way up in the wild blue yonder. However, as technology has improved, maybe more and more attention can be dedicated to flesh out airfield details like this. Maybe even modelling personnel moving about their business although airfield raids could result in more violence than we typically see in flight sims, if they really decided to go all in.

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