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Atop mount Hoffmann, Yosemite National Park, United States.

I'm the one in green.FullSizeRender.thumb.jpg.2ad177c3bc76a65aecdd81f74256b9b3.jpg

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I took the sun visor out.


Very high in the Alps, and very cold. You could easily have -25 -30 Celsius, but very dry air so you feel it less.



That was some 20 years (already, time flies) ago when I did my Glacier license training.

This is the real thing. Flying with just a few  instruments Oil temp, RPM, Speed, Fuel. Yes there was an altimeter but in reality it is not so useful as you fly "inside" the terrain, that is around you. 

No autopilot, no GPS, only visual flying. And nobody there. Complete silence only the ice cracking sound sometimes. Just ice, snow, rocks, a mineral beauty and the deep blue sky above. Like being on another planet. A lot of good memories, like pumping manually to bring the skis down or up, a little like the manual gear up and down of the I16.

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