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Pets of the flying community


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Because who doesn't like showing off their fur babies?! 😀

The tortoise shell is Squid, her colouring makes for incredibly effective urban cammo, she's a real sweetie and a scaredy-cat. The other is Max, he's part Persian and was once the king of the 'hood but these days suffers from health issues due to his age (19).

Squid lo res.jpg

Max lo res.jpg

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Skins, missions, campaigns and historical references for flight sims: http://www.axis-and-allies-paintworks.com/news.php


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One of our foster dogs being flown to her new humans in Canada (that isn’t me flying). We’ve fostered 109 little dogs over the last five years.


Below is an action shot of our two “perma dogs” we rescued as they play with a visiting friend


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Used to have a red-eared slider named Gamera, because of cause I named her that, but she died many years ago.

I have an Amazon, which looks to be quite different from most others' pets here, but I don't have a recent picture handy. I have these from 2005 though. Holiday05Pics002.thumb.jpg.44e2301ef9319fa5133f9dd7603a4e36.jpg

Holiday '05 Pics 004.jpg

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