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Hi @Jason_Williams,

First up, apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere - I've scoured most places and not seen anything about it. I'm fascinated by the concept of starting a brand new flight simulator like this and wonder just how far you have decided (or been forced) to "start from scratch".

Are you building everything - engine included? Is there particular tooling or applications you have selected? Is there anything "off-the-shelf" that you can grab and then customise?

If someone were to set about creating a new 2d platformer, or 3d FPS, there are some well-known game engines you'd jump straight to and you'd get sprite/model handling, physics, particle effects, etc. "for free". But how does that translate into the world of flight sims?

Did you have a moment of staring at a blinking cursor on a blank screen in your chosen IDE?!

Much has been said about hugely popular flight sim franchises being hobbled and restricted by their choice of underlying engine, but its understandable when you consider the alternative of a ground-up (if you'll excuse the pun) build.

If you're willing to share any of the background techie details about the tools you and the team are using, then I'm genuinely interested. If it's a case of "need to know", trade secrets, then I completely understand, too! 

However you're going about it, you have my respect and admiration, as well as my backing and best wishes!


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  • Executive Producer Skystreak Productions


I’m sorry Stone, but as I’ve said previously we’re not commenting on the engine until we know more about what we can accomplish with it. That’s the whole point of our current work.

But thank you for the well wishes and support. 


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I think the problem with a completely new from scratch Combat Flight Sim is the time problem.

DCS, MSFS, IL2, War Thunder etc. they all have years or decades of head start, proprietary engines that have been improved and polished for decades.

Now as a newcomer you want to take a share of this small market. The only way at this point is to be the best in a sense. Top visuals, top scenario, top battle scale, top action, tens of planes ships, and land action in a furious battle. All this as said Jason without putting on fire your computer.

How can you do that as there is no off the shelf solution ready to use as is in such a game. These combat systems are maybe the most complicated in terms of physics, ballistics, dynamics etc. Let's make it simple there is no engine ready to use for that. But you need to be as good or better than the best on the market.

I see no other solution than to choose one of the existing "modern" ones that are available and not proprietary, that will be used as a base platform. You need a platform that will give you the possibility of fast track creation. The choice will depend and many factors but you have to be sure that you will be able to add "easily and quickly" all the specialized modules that you will have to develop to finally have a kind of hybrid engine that will become your "Combat Pilot Engine". 

Does Unreal fit the need, I do not know. Sure when one looks at all the demos, visuals and some tutorials you may think that it could be a yes, but this is a superficial feeling and in reality I will say I have no idea. And Jason is right to say that it is too early. Most probably in this phase of development he is testing multiple solutions, before taking a firm commitment. In the interview with Enigma he was talking of a 15 year adventure. This means that whatever he chooses, on such a time span, it must be kept continuously updated to stay always relevant against competition. Man I can understand you have to be cautious before committing yourself to a given engine. Once you have done it there is no way back. 

I simply will wait until he tells us officially what his choice will be. I can wait another 15 years no problem 🙂 



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On 3/1/2024 at 4:37 PM, IckyAtlas said:

DCS, MSFS, IL2, War Thunder etc. they all have years or decades of head start, proprietary engines that have been improved and polished for decades.

I wouldn‘t say that starting with a clean slate is simply a downside. If you start without a baggage of legacy dependencies, you can make great progress. Today, it is very well understood how to code a simulation. There is a good reason Jörg dumped the old and FSX based MSFS2020 engine (that is truly wrung out by now) to start (relatively) new and make a new game engine for MSFS2024. Same as it makes sense for the GB series to start over with a new game.

Contrary to popular belief, complexity is not manageable. Starting new means dealing with relatively little complexity. Tuning a 20 year old codebase means dealing with a lot of complexity.

Of course it takes longer „to see something nice“ when starting new. But progress along the way will be faster. Just don‘t hand project management to Chris Roberts.

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When you don’t understand how anything works, everything is a miracle or a conspiracy.

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A very restricted and narrow focus on start up should help, some of those listed sims have tried to bite off more than that can ever chew, tanks, but no tanks if you know what I mean.  It's continual and fresh development with rapid output that suits my appetite best, just like original Oleg did with his smashing success.  It started out small with a simple but stunning demo with a narrow focus on ground attack.  We get a good solid focus on combat carrier operations and I'm all in to the end of the ride.

Like to see the product stick to the carrier theme until it matures and than slowly spread it's wings outward.  The Fighting Lady follow on additions, each one of it's campaigns as the Yorktown progresses through time across the Pacific, the most documented and filmed combat ops of a carrier as it moved campaign to campaign we've ever seen.  

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