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Today's news from the UK...


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come visit us in the desert southwest....  🙂

take care buddy!

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MSI MAG Z790 Carbon, i9-13900k, NH-D15 cooler, 64 GB CL40 6000mhz RAM, MSI RTX4090, Yamaha 5.1 A/V Receiver, 4x 2TB Samsung 980 Pro NVMe, 1x 2TB Samsung 870 EVO SSD, Win 11 Pro, TM Warthog, Virpil WarBRD, MFG Crosswinds, 43" Samsung 4K TV, 21.5 Acer VT touchscreen, TrackIR, Varjo Aero, Wheel Stand Pro Super Warthog, Phanteks Enthoo Pro2 Full Tower Case, Seasonic GX-1200 ATX3 PSU, PointCTRL, Buttkicker 2, K-51 Helicopter Collective Control

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Where I live (Naples, FL) it’s always hot. 90+F with a 76+F dew point? Common. No big deal. I go running in it with my shadow a couple inches long, the sun is so high. Coming from Chicago the first year here was hot, but I’ve been here 20 years now and so I’ve acclimated. Most of my friends/family up north here in Merka who complain about “heat” experience it for thirty seconds walking from their air conditioned car to an air conditioned building. And their heat will be gone soon. My family in OKC complain it’s hot every year, as if it’s something new—my first day there in 1981 was 103F—but they can’t acclimate because it’s hot only for a few months. Soon their power will be gone from the trees falling on the lines in an ice storm—again—and they’ll be complaining it’s freezing. But they can’t get used to the cold because soon it’ll be hot again. And so on. Here? It’s pretty much always summer. 

Now, though, I’m the other way: gets below 65F and I’m reaching for the leather jacket. Sometimes in winter a cold front will have us down in the 50s for a day or two and you ought to hear the pathetic whining—from me! 😆 The ability to walk around outside in Chicago with an unzipped jacket in the teens or shoveling the driveway without wearing a jacket in Columbus are long over! 

I see it’s 32C near London right now. Hot indeed if not used to it and no AC! Looks like it’ll be 18C by Tuesday, so your relief is inbound, Trooper!

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