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Curious about the initial lineup....


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Stormbirds indicates the initial offering will be some version of the Midway planeset. Jason also indicated it will be, initially, pared down somewhat.

So; Val, Kate, and Zero vs Wildcat, Devastator and Dauntless would be the most likely WAG. Follow-on's pretty clearly would be the A-26 and Catalina for the US. There are semi-historical peers for the Japanese side as follow-ons, think G3M and H6K, though they were not present for Midway. Otherwise it'd be probably be an E13 and some ear fluff if we are dead set on a true to Midway planeset. 

I'd expect one or two fleet carriers, a destroyer, an oiler and/or cargo ship and maybe a submarine per side in the early offering. Also a WAG on my part.

The article said Midway Island will probably not be in it's most detailed state at release but I'd expect all of the AC and ships to be in their final form. I find the possible inclusion of the Hawaiian Islands to be necessary as it would give the online community a small map for PvP combat. The entire chain is big enough and has enough airfields to suffice on a small map. The historical significance of the air raid there cannot be overlooked, obviously. And it is, essentially, the same planeset as Midway with the potential for AAF additions.

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Purely guessing on what the team may end up doing but going by the concept art you can be almost assured that they want to do a F4F Wildcat (-3 and -4 versions make sense), SDB Dauntless, TBD Devastator, the A6M2 "Zero", D3A "Val", and B5N "Kate" you have a pretty solid starting line-up. There's also a concept shot with the Buffalo and a PBY so clearly the goal is to extend as much as possible.

There's a pretty obvious set of chances to progress the line-up from there to Guadalcanal, New Guinea, up the Slot, and on! But... one thing at a time!

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I would hope we'd get most of the aircraft that took part in the Battle of Midway.  Looking back at Jason's exit interview in December and his connection to it, I wouldn't be surprised (and really hope!) that includes a flyable B-26 and an AI B-17, both had small parts of the battle along with the standard F4F, SBD, Zero, Kate etc...

P51 resized.jpg

"Straighten up and fly right"

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Wildcat and Zero are safe bets. Probably one japanese and one american dive or torpedo bomber too. Jason said it will be Battle for Midway first (If I got that right). So this means with time there should be at least major participans (after Zeke and Wildcat): D3a Val, E13A Jake, SBD Dauntless, TBD Devastator, TBF Avenger, B5N Kate etc... 

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1 hour ago, ShamrockOneFive said:

I've always wanted to fly the Ki-44. Notably because its the opposite of the Ki-43 🙂

The Ki 44 was actually used early on in the war in Malaya... The Japanese had an experimental unit combat testing them. It was classed as a heavy fighter that could dive and climb better than the Ki-43, but wasn't as aerobatic. Hopefully we will see it eventually. :classic_biggrin:

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1 minute ago, Art-J said:

It's a bit puzzling for me that WIP 3D models shown yesterday on Stormbirds depict A6M5 variant, which is pretty far from Midway lineup for a Zero. But hey, maybe they're already thinking about later battles :).

Cause the person we worked with initially had a 5 series model we wanted. Now being converted into an earlier model. It's currently a Frankenplane model. In time all our models will be proper and right don't worry. We're a new team with not much to show. We will eventually have all the Zeke models.


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