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Dangers Over Darwin


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It would be fair to say that in air fighting over Darwin in 1942-43 the biggest risk is being shot down.

Which is true.

And if you were fortunate enough to bail out safely then you would think that all is good with the world.

Which is far from the truth. 

For a whole world of horrors is awaiting the parachuting airman, irregardless of nation.

Darwin in 1942 was a small town, with a population of approx 5,000 (not counting military personel). It was surrounded by a hostile landscape consisting of mud flats and mangroves stretching inland along the coastal areas, and dry desert schrub land further inland.

Most air combat took place over the coast and sea. So downed pilots faced  a very hostile environment around Darwin. Sharks, especially tiger sharks abound in the area. Large salt water crocodiles feature in quantity in areas near the sea, as well as in river estuaries. Further up the river you'l find fresh water crocodiles are plentiful.

Add to that the hghly venomous 'box' jellyfish which exists in tidal areas and mudflats.

If the intrepid aviator managed to make it to the shore and through the mudflats and mangroves in one piece, he then faced deadly snakes (taipan, brown, death adder to name just a few), spiders, feral buffalo and wild boar in his wanderings far from any civilisation.

If he didn't happen to be found by the friendly aborigines, there was little chance he would survive.

salt water crocodile.jpg


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On 4/12/2024 at 4:38 PM, Boom said:

Oh yeah, it is a real crocodile. The brute in the picture above is just under 5m. :jawdrop: And they do grow bigger than that.


That sucker would make a lot of boots!


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Largest ever measured crocodile was about 6,2 meters. It was a salt water crocodile.

Looking at the size of the woman in the cage she is probably 1.70 cm at least. In comparison the crocodile seems to measure about 3 times her body length which makes it for 5.21 meters. That is a large size for a crocodile, and you do not see them so often. If you look at the video from the amusement park you will see that the crocs are about 3 to max 4 meter long.

To me either the picture was taken with a perspective and zoom to have the croc appear very large or the picture has been arranged.

As usual marketing has added a little drama. 🙂 

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On 4/16/2024 at 3:28 AM, Trooper117 said:

Oh god, please no...

Oh I don't know. It would be a hoot if your player, having successfuly bailed out, had to out-swim a crocodile. And if he actually makes it safely to land, he then gets chased by a wild boar or water buffalo! :classic_biggrin:

Poor bugger would need 2 weeks survivor's leave in Sydney after that.

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