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For a WWII PTO combat flight sim, this is what I would like to see in an initial release:

  • Ability to smoothly run with a realistically large number of aircraft in the air (think Cliffs of Dover)
  • VR is a must-have and should deliver 90fps on mid-range hardware (think Falcon BMS)
  • Performance prioritized over eye candy, always
  • Multi-threading
  • Ability to use an unlimited number of USB controller devices
  • Ability to detect 128 (or more) inputs on each controller
  • Period: Late 1941 to mid-1942
  • Setting: Pearl Harbor, Wake Island, Midway
  • Factions: US, Japan
  • Flyable plane set (US): F4F, SBD, TBD
  • Flyable plane set (Japan): A6M, D3A, B5N
  • AI aircraft: Scouts like the Catalina, Jake, Pete et al, that would be needed for the opposing fleets to locate each other (and for the player to hunt and destroy)
  • At least one interactive carrier from the Yorktown/Hornet/Enterprise types
  • At least one interactive carrier from the Akagi/Soryu/Shokaku types
  • Appropriate surface forces and escorts for each faction
  • A submarine from each faction (for scouting and for us to hunt)
  • Massive ship AAA of multiple calibers

I think this scope of work is enough to make a strong debut and keep people very entertained and busy for a year or more. I love eye candy and I understand that it's critical to sales; We eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths... IMO, poor performance destroys immersion faster than any other facet of game design and I would hope that the devs never sacrifice performance in pursuit of eye candy.

My nice to haves would be:

  • An intuitive and (comparatively) easy-to-use mission editor (think DCS)
  • AI that attempts to replicate the Japanese 3-plane basic fighter element with the two wingmen constantly weaving
  • AI that supports its wingman
  • Massively tall cloud formations as seen in the Pacific
  • Convincing looking rain
  • A large range of historically correct aircraft skins built-in (so we don't have to rely on community skins to replicate historical battles)

That's my essay. I can't begin to express how excited I am for Combat Pilot. I've been waiting for this since CFS2.


2021.10.10 03-43-51.jpg

il2fb 2021-10-03 23-34-40.png

il2fb 2021-10-04 00-02-53.png

il2fb 2021-10-04 00-19-47.png

Oct 3, 2021 2-38-02 AM.jpeg

Oct 3, 2021 3-55-19 AM.jpeg

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Please @III.JG52_Otto_-I-, let me copy-paste one response I gave to another elsewhere:


Just consulted the infos on Wikipedia:


The Imperial Japanese Army Air Service received one Fw 190A-5 for evaluation purposes.

Imperial Japanese Army Air Force purchased 5 [Bf 109] E-7s in 1941. The aircraft were used for tests and trials.


Five Japanese Bf 109s only... one Japanese Fw 190 only... and none of them had been used in real combat missions. So it is very unlikely that the "Combat Pilot" engineers develop one of these German planes, at least not as long as they stay in the Pacific theatre of operations. Maybe someday, if the project develops further into a "generic" WWII series of combat flight sims. I may be wrong, but that's what I think. Sounds logical to me.



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