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Shooting down an RC ME-262 with an RC Mustang - Cool video


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Apologies for the spoilers.

I have created the link, so it skips to the action, but you can always go back to the beginning to understand the process.

Basically, they set up sensors on both aircraft, so they could simulate hits. If those hits were significant enough, it would start a short fuse and then detonate a firework in the RC aircraft. Honestly...I found it pretty entertaining.


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1 hour ago, wheelsup_cavu said:

I kept seeing a small object that looked like a bird dog fighting with them too. Finally figured out it was the drone filming the action.



Was wondering about the same thing at first till I figured it as well 😄


They must have too much money on their hands .. still cool though.

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This is cool!

A long while back, I was out flying my RC T-28.  Literally, a Hawk was licking it's chops thinking my bird was a nice fat pigeon.  At least 3 times, I had to take evasive maneuvers to avoid it's dive.  Finally, I landed safely.  Not realizing a Kindergarten troop was in the park and witnessed the whole thing.  They loved the air show, and wanted more.  Incredible, (but fun).  😀

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