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What do We need in a WW2 combat sim of the 21th century


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My list of wishes that is not exhaustive but in order from what I consider the most important to the least important:

- Flight model

         - Plane physics: please find a way to simulate real flying. How annoying it is to see a pilot pulling FW 190 flaps out at 500KPH with no stall flight.

         - PIlot physics: The pilot physics is quit often left behind and it is a problem. Pilots in sims tend to be too strong and to not be influenced in there moves by the g force they take. for instance, if someone is looking backward, he can't pull on the stick as hard as he would if he was looking forward. blackouts should happen faster depending on the head position too... many simple things should be added to prevent the game from having a superman pilot in each plane.

          - The heavy planes are usually too eazy to move. the lift is too stable compared with reality.

          - Breifing room, in PVP or in campaign mod. Exchanging with other pilots before  and after the mission would be a good thing. having a virtual space to do so would be amazing.

          - VERY STRONG MISSION EDITOR: in fact I would even go as far as provide the planes and the maps, let the players make the missions. even offer campaigns to be done by whoever and sold directly through your platform.

         - Beautiful graphics, but optimized ones. please help us see planes cause screens are nothing like reality and we don't play to tire our eyes...

         - Engage more with the community so that we get less disapointed... afterall, no one can pretend to know better than everyone together... or can we ?

         so many millions and zigilions of other things.


That's all for now. thank you for making us believe that WW2 combat flight sim is not dead yet... quite frankly with IL2 stuck and DCS focusing on jets I was hopeless until I heard from this project.






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This one might proove to be less popular. But this has been a problem that plagued Flight sims since... Basicly forever.


Spotting mechanics.


Only one game ever in my eyes managed to have an interesting spotting system that counterbalance the problems of pixel resolutions, and VR -altought in the game I'm speaking off, VR isn't a thing anyway-.


WWII Online, Battleground Europe.

Here, there air assets are with a big black circle around them when coming near them, that show that there IS something there, but it doesn't tell you WHAT. Friendly or foe.

It will only tell you if you get close enought to be at basicly spitting distance.

While it's perfectly logical players would want a "visual model" only identification, we also need a proper spotting mechanic that will still allow for servers the option to not be constantly plagued by the "do I play the game on lower resolution to be able to spot the aircrafts?" vs "I have a 4k screen I want to use it"

And that's not even going about VR who has this problem big time too.


Here, it could be implemented with the black circle only appearing once you're at less than a kilometer away from a target, probably even less.

While the identification circle would be even closer. Keeping a "watch your six" mind set to be still valid. -I don't want the circles to complete negate the risk of being detected while coming in stealthy.



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Plane physics - the example you gave sounds more like a damage model issue

PIlot physics - head position is an interesting topic I have brought up a few times with little interest
 - strength is interesting too
- what I didn't like in IL-2 was they tried to bring in rubbish like seat angles without taking into account of head positions i.e. head position limits at high G

- also the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is the 10 armed pilots we have
- more input limits would be interesting i.e. pilots can life gear flaps adjust trim light a cigar and prepare a 5 course meal all at the same time

- idk about heavy planes

- Breifing room I don't think game devs need to spend time on this I guess its a popular meme in VTOL but nothing is stopping you doing this yourself if you want too


- Beautiful graphics ok Performance YES

 - Engage more with the community so that we get less disapointed... afterall, no one can pretend to know better than everyone together... or can we ?

- ww2 is a popular game format because it allows for good game play options
- modern warfare with fire and forget and over the horizon opps I went nuclear or asymmetric is not fun gamplay


Spotting mechanics.

pixel resolutions

spotting assist mechanics - interesting I know it while rile up the purists but from a game play perspective it might be necessary so everyone regardless of resolution or other settings is on a equal playing field - it will also stop people cheating

- I think abstracting spotting and ID is just needed
We are not at a point in gaming with infinite resolutions

Resolution and graphics settings impacting spotting and ID'ing is a huge barrier of entry and off putting

Admitting we are playing a game and having gamed up spotting and ID would be nice

like you said maybe add a black white flashing dot on top of a plane if its within what we define as normal spotting distance

like you said you could even spice this up a bit - if a plane is lower than you it only flashes black or maybe the color of its top camo
if a plane is above you it only flashes white

Its sort of a abstraction gamification of spotting

once it gets close enough change the dot to team color
of course people should be able to turn this off if they want
but its basically a must have for solid competitive popular multiplayer




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On 11/12/2023 at 4:38 PM, Veteran66 said:

pilot fatigue in combat

Some of us (well, not me exactly) are super pilots with trillions of hours of experience, hitting targets with impossible snap shots and perfectly capable of completing multiple missions every night. How do you model pilot fatigue without the feeling of artificial gamey limitation? I have some doubts...

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All these are great ideas. But, if you don't have the ability to communicate with your AI flight members so you can call out bogies/bandits or call for help, or assign targets. It's kind of moot if you are a devoted off line player. You basically have the other sim, only over water. 

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Other than the bombing of Darwin in '42-'43, and B-29 bomber campaign against Japan in late '44-'45, the Pacific air campaign is tactical. Both on land and at sea.

So for me the primary factor(has to be within the top 3 game considerations) is for very detailed ground objects, AAA, airfields and landscapes. And yes, ground objects must include ships down to the barges the Japanese used for landings troops and transport in Malaya, New Guinea, DEI, Philippines etc. I want to be able to attend the mission briefing, and then fly out and actually see and recognise the target object from 8,000 to 10,000ft; the usual mission altitude. In the face of strong AAA, especially later in the war eg 1943 onwards.

Air combat is fun, and a integral part of any flight sim. Gaining air superiority was a key factor for all belligerents in the various stages of the war. But only as a means to an end e.g. for the Japanese in their bombing attacks on Malaya, DEI, Philippines, New Guinea and Guadalcanal; and later for the US in their fight back in the Solomons, New Guinea, and the Island hopping campaign.

The bulk of missions flown, both land-based and naval, involved strike missions. That is Mid and low-level bombing, strafing, and ground attack whether that be airfields, islands or shipping. That, to me, should be the main focus of the Sim. That is realism.

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