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Operation hailstone

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15 hours ago, wheelsup_cavu said:

I seem to remember reading that Boyington was on the island of Truk as a guest of the Japanese during one of the US raids?



Sounds correct to me. Boyington's story is a must- read, unbelievable stuff.

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Check my other WW2 project HERE.

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1 hour ago, Gambit21 said:

Yeah, if you want actual Black Sheep history skip Boyington’s book and read “The Black Sheep” by Bruce Gamble

Just ordered that book thanks, only cost me £3.51... bargain!

I read the intro from the 'look inside' feature... it's going to be a very interesting read.

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A great idea Fishkiller,

It would be cool to be able to get to the Capital ships before they got out.

If I remember correctly, they left the day before the main raid, as soon as they confirmed that the reconnaissance B24 had spotted the fleet.

There is a very well researched book by Klaus Lindemann, called "Hailstorm over Truk Lagoon", if anyone is interested.

I've been lucky enough to dive quite a few of the wrecks, a divers bucket list ticked off! I one of them, you dive through the decks of a submarine resupply ship to the hold to the torpedoes in the lowest deck. All incredible.

It is to be remembered that the sites are War Graves.


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