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Support Barbedwire Studios - Gates of Hell on Sale! Up to 78% Off!

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  • Executive Producer Skystreak Productions

Attention Pilots!

Our development partner Barbedwire Studios is currently offering a huge discount on their awesome Call to Arms-Gates of Hell series on Steam!

Up to 78% OFF!

It's not a combat flight-sim, but it's an fantastic WWII tactical RTS! Check it out if you haven't already!



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  • Entropy.Aero

Thanks a lot guys, that's great. 😍
Perhaps I should point out that realism and historical elements are what sets this game apart, so even if GoH isn't in your usual niche, you'll probably like it anyway. 
This image, in a way, shows you how we work. 
I posted it a long time ago when we were scripting a singleplayer mission. I asked the community "this is a scene from Petrovka, july 1943. Which famous person is in this screenshot?". 
I suspect people in the CP forum would know, and if you don't (which is quite okay), you now have a nice little puzzle to entertain yourself with. 
Just remember we take history very seriously. 
Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

Check my other WW2 project HERE.

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Already picked up the main game at regular price based on @Jason_Williams suggestion in the Stormbird's interview.  So, will go ahead and grab all the DLC this weekend with the thought that every little bit that might help launch a Wildcat off The Big E is a wonderful investment for me!  (I hope to maybe even try playing the game at some point, the idea of moving from a tactical view to 1st person is intriguing). 

I look very forward to actually pre-ordering CP when you guys are ready to start 💸💸💸

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  • Entropy.Aero
On 6/1/2023 at 11:28 PM, rollnloop said:


That's really for support, I can't stand eastern front any more after 20 years of IL2 series.

Any plan for a Pacific DLC ? 😉

Thank you and everyone else as well! As it so happens, we have announced the US faction for Gates of Hell on june 6th. Western front like you haven't seen before, even if you might be tempted to think you have, after watching the teaser:


Check my other WW2 project HERE.

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