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The Cactus Air Force...


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Have a watch of this discussion on the Cactus Air Force... some great information on their part in the Guadalcanal battle, telling of their contribution and effectiveness, the key personnel involved, and the struggle to keep the aircraft maintained and combat ready.

If you know little about Henderson Field and Cactus, you will be amazed at what these people did and had to go through.

The two presenters give an in depth look lasting 1 hour 41 mins, but well worth the watch.


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Good video.

I so hope that the struggle for Guadalcanal features prominently in this sim. It has everything. Air combat, bomber escort and free hunts, scrambles, ship strikes, naval action, carrier battles and land strikes. It like a who's who of the Pacific war. Naturally the IJN feature strongly, so too the USMC, USN and USAAF air assets.


Personally I would prefer to see Guadalcanal as the first sim model, rather than Pearl harbour or Coral Sea.

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