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RIP Bud Anderson

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There is a say that there are no good pilots but old pilots. And who better that Bud proves it passing away at 102 after having been a WWII triple ace fighter pilot.

I would even say that he proved brightly the opposite too: good pilots become old pilots, and brilliant pilots become very old pilots.

He multiple times put his life on the line to fight for our freedom from the Nazi regime here in Europe. Thanks to his skills and a little good ,luck (you have to be lucky otherwise....) he survived to tell the story.

He was not the only one but it is a good moment to remind to all the new generation the multitude of those like Bud put their lives on the line in the skies, on the ground and on the seas, and that many paid the ultimate price for our freedom. 

And my way to salute "Bud" is with this video that I just made today. It is an imaginary scene that could have happened back in time exactly 80 years ago.



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