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..... and parafrags, low level bomb runs and skip bombing.

This is what I'm really hoping to see developed in this sim. :classic_biggrin:

I know that the meat and potatoes of any combat sim is air combat. I've been dogfighting since '98, when I first took to the skies in Red Baron II. And through various iterations of Sabre Ace, Air Warrior, EAW, MiG Alley, CFS 1,2 & 3, BoB I & II, Strike Fighters, The Mighty 8th, IL-2, and WOFF. I've have had an awful lot of fun doing so, especially with EAW online at Hyperlobby against human opponents. That was the best.

The thing is tastes change and develop, and after 20 odd years I'm looking for something more challenging and difficult. 

And I think that challenge can be found in Strafing! Getting down amongst the weeds.

Roaring in at low level, fleeting glances of targets, air filled with Flak, enemy fighters; much resting on luck and speed. Piloting large, less nimble twin-engined aircraft with massive firepower and responsible for other crew members all adds to the excitement and immersion.

As opposed to just another sim utilising fighter pilot skills accrued over thousands of hours of air combat. 

And look at the wonderful aircraft choices. The RAAF used the powerful Beaufighter from April 1942, the USAAC the B-25 from May and the A-20 from August. Japanese selection is limited, the best of a bad bunch would be the Ki-45 Toryu. Still, if it's modelled in game, I'll certainly make use of it.

Navy strike aircraft, still mired in traditional dive and torpedo bombing, pales in comparison.


Little Isadore A-20.jpg

B-25 Mitch.jpg

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Welcome to the muddy world of ground attack!  The BlitzPigs specialized in it back in the days of Pacific Fighters.  Blowing stuff up is very satisfying, and in multiplayer is/was often the key to victory.  We very often flew for the Emperor back then, and owing to the limited numbers of IJN/IJAAC attack aircraft found the Ki-61 to be quite good as a fast hit and run blitz bomber.  We also were known to press the H8K "Emily" into that role.  The Allies really have the attack role covered, as you note in your post.  Don't forget that the P-40 was used to great effect in the attack role in every area it was used in the war against Japan, in particular by ANZAC forces in New Guinea.

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