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GameInput instead of DirectInput

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Microsoft is transitioning to a new input API, GameInput, which is supposed to be much better, with lower latency & resource usage. It should also have no upper limit on the number of buttons and axis per input device.

We've seen in the recent past that people are getting more and more (real or virtual) buttons, so this would be nice.

So my suggestion is for Combat Pilot to use GameInput as the input API.

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5 hours ago, CPT Crunch said:

That's the best clickable cockpit way.  Gimme levers and switches, all of them.  LoL

I don’t have a clickable cockpit game, but it feels somewhat counter intuitive to me to let go of the stick and grapple with the mouse to click on a region in the cockpit. (Unless you’re lefty, or, you can use a mouse setup to be lefty).

if I remember correctly our dburne (RIP) had a finger attached clickers that can be used for clickable cockpits, but don’t remember the name of the product. 

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The Apple Vision Pro seems to have very high quality eye tracking. If more devices use that, it could be used instead of a mouse. I imagine that you could then dedicate some buttons and switches on the base of your stick or throttle to this. So you look at a cockpit switch and then flip the switch on your base. You look at a knob in the cockpit and then turn the knob on your base, etc.

Then you would really feel the physical switch/button/etc and you only need one of each type of input mapped. One switch on your base can be used for all switches in the cockpit, one button on the base can be used for all buttons in the cockpit, etc. Of course, some details would be slightly off, like the switch not necessarily being in the right position, but I think that it could work quite well.

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