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How Is You Aircraft Recognition?


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On the Forums main page, next to each of the subheadings, there is a top down plan image of an aircraft. Can you guess'em?

Mine are:

F4F - The Rules
F6F - Announcements
D3A - Intro
SB2C - General
SB2C - Wishlist
B5N - Iron Bottom
F4U - Joysticks
G4M - Virtual Reality
TBF - Comp Hardware
TBF - Free Subject

Yeah, I know. I'm bored. :classic_blush:


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Pretty sure your General/Wishlist SB2C's are actually TBD's. Though similar in planform, the SB2C has a straight, not tapered, leading edge and the pitot is on the opposite side, closer to the wingtip.

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“I’d say we’re offering a fair deal under the circumstances.”

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On 2/17/2024 at 6:10 AM, JFM said:

Joysticks and controllers… I think that one is a Buffalo. 


And you would be correct. :classic_cool:






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Download Missions, Skins, & Essential files for IL-2 1946 and several other game series from Mission4Today.

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