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Some B-29 love.

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1 hour ago, Boom said:

I'm guessing the crew back in those days were quite a bit slimmer than now. And fitter. :classic_biggrin:

too say the least!  😃

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Here is the current pricing schedule for the 11 seats available in the aircraft.


Seat locations & pricing

Each B-29 Doc Flight Experience flight has 11 seats:

  • Bombardier ($1,500)
  • Cockpit/Pilot Observer ($1,200)
  • Radio Operator ($1,200)
  • Navigator ($1,200)
  • Master Gunner ($600)
  • Gunner ($600 each, six seats)

The Bombardier, Cockpit/Pilot Observer and Navigator seats are in the forward section (front) of the aircraft, while the Master Gunner and six Gunner seats are in the aft section (back) of the aircraft. Each seat provides its own unique, one-of-a-kind experience with seat-specific views and experiences.



Source: https://www.b29doc.com/rides/#pricing

From what I see in the diagram's legend it looks like the tail gunner position is not available.


Here are the estimated costs to operate Doc on an hourly basis and its fuel burn.


How much does it cost to operate B-29 Doc?

Well, when most people go to the gas station, the cost ranges from $50-$100 depending upon how many gallons of gas you purchase and the price of gas. When we go to the gas station to get fuel for Doc, well, it’s a bit more complicated (and expensive)!

On average, Doc burns approximately 450 gallons of 100LL (avgas) per flight hour. And, on average, the price per gallon of 100LL is $5.70. That means for only one hour of flying time, it costs approximately $2,500 in fuel alone.  But wait, there’s more!

In addition to fuel and oil costs, we must also take into consideration propeller, engine and maintenance reserves and costs.

So, all-in, the estimated cost per flight hour is about $3,600. And, we typically fly about 10-15 hours per month so…yeah, it’s a big number.

Why do we do it?  That’s simple: Honor. Educate. Connect.


Source: https://www.b29doc.com/rides/#pricing



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