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GATES OF HELL - LIBERATION has been released!


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  • Executive Producer Skystreak Productions
Attention Pilots and WW2 RTS Fans!
Our partners at Barbedwire Studios have just released their greatest expansion yet to the awesome Call to Arms - Gates of Hell tactical RTS series - GATES OF HELL: LIBERATION! Take the American army from the invasion of Normandy all the way through the Battle of the Bulge and experience gritty, realistic battles as never before. Grab it TODAY!

Congrats to the Barbedwire Team on the release! 

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Am curious. Have never tried land battle games, like to be up in the clouds with the birds. :)

Saying that, it does look interesting. Does it play like an air combat sim? By that I mean do you select to be a particular person, play that role and actions happen around you? Is that what RTS means? Or is it more a strategical command role the player fulfills?

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10 hours ago, Boom said:

Is that what RTS means?

RTS is a real-time strategy, typically in an RTS, you would control multiple units usually from either an isometric or top-down perspective.

First-Person Shooter would be more like an air combat sim where you play a single character usually from a first-person perspective. 

I have not played Gates of Hell but it appears to allow you to switch views between top-down and first-person, but the primary focus would be controlling multiple units.

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  • Entropy.Aero
On 12/1/2023 at 5:15 PM, kestrel79 said:

How does this compare to Company of Heroes? Similar gameplay? Love those games, this looks similar I'll take a look.

It's more realistic and generally more intense, as it requires more micromanagement. And then there's the historical approach that is the basis for the content, including landscapes. You can read about it here: https://www.barbed-wire.eu/our-dedication-to-realism-and-history/

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Check my other WW2 project HERE.

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