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Accurate P-40 FM

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I hope/expect that this game will soon include the P-40, dueling with Japanese A6Ms over the jungle and ocean near Port Moresby, Pearl Harbor, China, Guadalcanal (Kittyhawk version), etc.

After playing a few flight sims, especially GB, I have been dismayed by the P-40 FM. However, CloD/DW restored my faith in the P-40 (just as DCS restored my faith in the P-47). I think FM may be difficult to model, especially for combat-capable aircraft, but there has to be some consensus regarding its performance. 

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16 hours ago, Jade_Monkey said:

For what it's worth, GB is about to release a patch with the extended timers for the P-40.

Long overdue but it will give a second life to a stillborn P-40.

Regardless, would love to see a CP take on the P-40 in the Pacific.

I've seen this claim a few times, but where is it coming from? I started the thread that got this kicked off, but they haven't said anything there. The steam page said they're 'looking at the FM,' but that seems super noncommittal. 

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I just flew the upgraded P-40 & against it. It'll take some practice to figure out how to maximize its performance.

I flew in a FW 190 A-3, and gave the AI P-40 the new V-17190-39 1942 engine. However, after a few minutes and several loops (at what appeared to be full power) the P-40's engine seized and the AI pilot bailed out. I never fired a shot. 


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9 hours ago, wheelsup_cavu said:

Good to read that the AI pilots have trouble keeping the engine from overheating and it's not just the Player piloted planes. 

AI often seems to have perfect aim, trim and engine management, so whether this is a bug or intentional I'm not sure. 

@Jason_Williams please don't make AI perfect at everything. I especially appreciate it when they miss when shooting at me. 


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