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Pacific Battles and Fleet Engagements

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Dear Pilots,

Feel free to share any information, resources or references about battles and fleet engagements in the Pacific Theater that help tell the story of this titanic and bloody struggle from 1941-1945. 

Thanks in advance!

The Combat Pilot Team

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Posted (edited)

And here are a few more, covering the Guadalcanal campaign.

Am so hoping Jason covers both the DEI and Guadalcanal. Combined, these two campaigns just about cover all participants of the Pacific War: Americans, British, Dutch, Australian; IJA, IJN.

Morning Star, Midnight Sun.jpg

Blazing Star, Setting Sun.jpg


The Battle of Cape Esperance.jpg


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On 5/30/2023 at 4:15 PM, Pabsty said:

The US Navy wrote combat narratives during WW2 for a bunch of the major naval engagements. These were originally confidential and published for naval officers. They can be a little inaccurate as they don't have the same resources a post-war narrative would have.


I missed this the other day. Thanks. :classic_smile:



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