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Another Pacific Sim On Horizon


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Microprose, the creators of 1942 The Pacific Air War; European Air War; and B-17 Flying Fortress, The Mighty Eighth; are bringing out a new Pacific Sim titled Task Force Admiral.

Early development, but will allow both Task Force control and single player pilot mode. Looks really interesting. Not dates for availability, has been coming for well over a year. Interestingly though, the site does provide visual updates. Worth reviewing.



Really enjoy the sunset, sunrise, views. And the water looks ok at this stage.

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You're right Trooper, it is a naval game. But it does allow for the player to slot in as a pilot in the missions. And as it's being done by Microprose. I have high hopes that it will draw on their 1942 Pacific Air War experience. :classic_smile:

I look on it as similar to Rowan's MiG Alley.

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