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The Cactus Air Force...


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Have a watch of this discussion on the Cactus Air Force... some great information on their part in the Guadalcanal battle, telling of their contribution and effectiveness, the key personnel involved, and the struggle to keep the aircraft maintained and combat ready.

If you know little about Henderson Field and Cactus, you will be amazed at what these people did and had to go through.

The two presenters give an in depth look lasting 1 hour 41 mins, but well worth the watch.


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I could see myself flying an SBD out of Henderson... (one day, one day...) 

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On 5/23/2023 at 1:09 PM, Props said:

The Unauthorized history of the pacific War



Will be giving this channel some of my viewing time. It does look to have some pretty good content.




Download Missions, Skins, & Essential files for IL-2 1946 and several other game series from Mission4Today.

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