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Indy 500!

Major Lee

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I am looking forward to the Indy 500 this year! Speeds are off the chain. Entire first row qualified at over 234mph and the 2nd and 3rd rows are over 233mph! This is going to be a fast race and the weather is looking good for Sunday. My wife gets me a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken, then heads out with her friends and I watch the race in peace. 😎

Indy 500 lineup page.pdf

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It's been a tradition to go over to my brother-in-laws.  He makes a big party out of it, with lots of side bets.  Also, some good bloody mary's too...  (earlier start over here in the Desert Southwest....)  😁

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I've always wondered how one of these 250#, 700hp V6 twin turbo Indy engines would do in a little pylon racer style airplane, just maybe a bit more modern and aerodynamic, but still just a little retro looking.(Yeah, nearly 3 horsepower per pound of engine!)


Kalamazoo Airzoo: Travel Air Mystery Ship.



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For me the ultimate headline in tomorrow's paper would be...



Spider-man wins number five!!!

Four time winner Helio Castroneves does what everyone thought was impossible at the beginning of yesterday's race with his win and becomes the first 5 time Indy 500 winner...




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I was hoping Scott McLaughlin would do better than 6th given his record breaking qualifier speed. Helio at 20th was disappointing, for sure. Pato should have held off on passing Newgarden until the last lap; he now knows for next time that leading the 199th lap is not a good thing when the guy you just passed is faster than you. We'll see in 2025. The crashes sure thinned the field, starting right on the first lap. 11DNFs, including Will Power! 

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