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Japanese Shipping Losses


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According to a post-war study by "The Joint Army-Navy Assessment Committee" of 1947, the Japanese lost 688 naval vessels and 2,346 merchant ships during the Pacific War.

Of that number the Unites States armed forces accounted for 611 naval vessels and 2,117 merchant ships. The balance being shared by British, Australian, Dutch and NZ forces.

The attached chart provides a breakdown of those losses by cause i.e. sub, surface ship, aircraft (USAAF, USN, USMC), mines etc.
By far the most potent weapon was the Submarine, accounting for over 1,314 vessels. Aircraft however were not far behind, with a total of 929 vessels.

Interestingly aircraft accounted for 242 naval vessels (tonnage 786,803), as opposed to 201 by submarine (tonnage 540,192). 
Of those 242 naval vessels the USAAF sank 70, the USN/USMC sank 172.

So lots of scope for those of us keen to get down and dirty at sea level with strike aircraft. Especially when adding on the 240 merchant vessels sunk by the USAAF and 447 merchant ships sunk by the USN/USMC aircraft.

Losses 3.rtf

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