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[SKINS] What will the constraints be on making skins

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I know that these are all naval aircraft and skins aren't really needed. Heck you can choose a ship and a squadron and the game an make you plane and auto assign a number and a serial. In that will regard will it be in the style of DCS and how they apply aircraft numbers? Or will we get full controll over the livery much like every other traditional flight Sim game?

If that route is to be taken I'd like to put an idea out there to the community. I think it would be great if we can make individual bomb skins and external stores skins. I feel it is a detail that is often missed or overlooked due to time and money constraints. The cockpit is another area that can be available to us. More over the skin should be broken up into sections, i.e. Fuselage, Wings, Stabilizers, Stores and detail parts like the proeller blades, hubs engine componenets ect. 

I feel that being able to do these things will add a level of immersion not seen before in other Flight SIM's. What do you all think?

I will see myself out 😆


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I think for screenshots what you are describing might be OK but my first thought is how will having that many individual high resolutions textures impact playability?

CPU's and GPU"s of today are head and shoulders above those that were state of the art in 2001 and 2013 but sims of those eras can still brings current systems to their knees.



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Download Missions, Skins, & Essential files for IL-2 1946 and several other game series from Mission4Today.

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Hopefully we get a system for automatically assigning numbers and serials to aircraft, Heck, I'd consider that almost mandatory for a new game, and I'm surprised that some other sims didn't have that feature until quite recently.. 

In terms of more "wishlisty" things, I quite enjoyed IL-2 1946's style of applying nose art, would love something like that in a modern sim! And of course, custom cockpit photos are lots of fun and I enjoy it in all the games that have them.

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Working signatures? What a novel concept!

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"Strike Fighters: Project 1", back from 2002 had individual serial numbers on all flying aircraft, allowed for custom skins with nose art per SN, and had dynamic kill markings in campaign mode. Decals were assigned via aircraft ini files, and were in TGA format. Using a slight transparency allowed for a more 'painted on' look, rather than looking like a stuck on decal on a model plane. You could adjust the size of each decal via a scale line on the ini file, per decal, and, of course, locate each decal with an XY coordinate with extreme precision. "Strike Fighters 2" allowed a JPG format for skins (as opposed to BMP) which lightened the memory load quite a bit. (No pun intended...) One can only expect that 22 years later, we would see similar details, especially given the ultra fidelity of the 3D models. 

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@Major Lee I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet on All of the above. It took years before the “Battle of…” series made it possible to have individual numbers, as it also was possible in the 1946 series. Again,  from what I have understood, we can probably expect very high quality of the things that Is included in the first iteration of CP, but decals, numbers, skins, are not critical for planes to fly, fight and land on carriers and with a limited group of developers I would Guess that those things are way back on the scope list. Maybe later on after we help this title to become a Huge success ? 😎

Now why would I answer your speculative answer with My speculative answer? Because it’s one of the only things we can do in between news updates or Jason’s input, and it is one of the things that keep the forum alive…. AND it’s fun 🙂


S! sirs.

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