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Hello from an old veteran


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Well this was a surprise, I had no idea that this was in the workings…

I am F19_Klunk, an IL2veteran. Sims has been a part of my interests going way back into the 80ies, on Spectrum 48k. Did all the sims in the 90ies, European Air War, the CFSs! The original IL2 with FB was a huge lift for me,  and where my online simming started with the Swedish Squadron F19VS, later forming SvAF together with the F16s. Played the latest installment of IL2 until a few years back when “Life” happened . Haven’t played for quite a while.

Have always missed the pacific. I share Jason’s dream to once again take off from a carrier … and as I said… this project is a complete surprise… looking forward to follow the progress…

edit. When thinking about it…. The notion of being able to fly the Pacific is pretty much the Only thing I can think of now anyway, that can make me bring out the dusty gear again….


also..  very pleased to see some familiar faces 


edit. Just listened to enigma’s interview with Jason… where J mention players who threw money at the development team.. hôhôhô… yup .. funny 🙂 



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1 hour ago, Trooper117 said:

Hiya mate... exiting times ahead!



I think you meant exciting @Trooper117. excited-yay.gif.13118795ccda46c6401a840bb39defae.gif 😁 😁 😁




Hello and welcome to the forums @F19_Klunk !!! :wave:

Been seeing your nick since my early days at the UBIzoo.



Curious to know if the SvAF disbanded or moved the forums to a new domain since the .net link has not worked for me for quite some time?


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Hey wheels.... well it was always me who managed, paid and ran the forum and the homepage for SvAF  @svaf.net even after I pretty much stop playing 5 years ago, because of.... well a number of reasons. Those still active moved on to a SvAF discord server, which was absolutley the right way to go... the homepage and in particular the forums pretty much died. Once I forgot to pay the domain svaf.net and someone else bought it, I stopped bothering I guess.

I stayed pretty much active from 2003 starting with f19vs.se moving on to svaf.net in 2010.... and honestly.. I never thought I would quit... but as you all know.. shit happens and it was a great run. I still have contact with a few of the guys but to be frank; I have no clue if SvAF is still alive or dead. Many of the guys still use their F1X_prefix on Steam though.

When "the thing" happened in February 2022 quite a few just stopped I guess but that was not the reason I quit...... I was done before that. These days when it comes to gaming it is very casual on PS5 or maybe CK3 or other strategy games on the laptop.

BUT ....I am quite eager to see where this project will end up... The pacific was always my favourite theatre and I would Gladly throw my well earned dough again at the This team, well knowingly I might never find the same enthusiasm as during the IL2 days, in particular the -46 years.

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On 1/21/2024 at 4:53 AM, F19_Klunk said:

You might find a webpage up again sooner or later 🙂

Cool beans, glad to hear it. If for no other reason than nostalgia when you do get the site back up and running I think you will be quite happy to see the site back online. Even though forums have dropped way down in popularity I personally find them much more user friendly than Discord. Plus as i said there is the nostalgia part of it too. 😎


We still own the 352ndFG.com domain but the forums were completely messed up a few years back , early 2020??, during an upgrade from vBulletin 4 to vBulletin 5 by a company that we hired to do it for us. Their response to our complaints was basically, "Oh Well, it is your problem now..." I miss the site being functional, it is still online, so on more than one occasion I have attempted to figure out how to fix the problem but to date it is just beyond my skill set. From my perspective vB4 and vB5 are two completely different animals. I just did a quick check at vBulletin and now I see that the current version of the software is vBulletin 6. Lol, that should make things easier to fix. dizzy.gif.6f4bb5648b73e43a8238116e93c0b8ae.gif



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changed missed the sits to missed the site
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Download Missions, Skins, & Essential files for IL-2 1946 and several other game series from Mission4Today.

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