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In Loving Memory, Expanded

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I've flown in every Missing Man Formation the Wing Walkers have put on. As a real life military vet, these memorial events hold a very strong emotional bond for me. And I believe that there can, and should, be a place to commemorate those squadron-mates whose laughter and wit and smiles made your group and mine a very special place to be. With everything else going on in the world, in our real lives, the loss of these folks -folks whom we might only know as voices and nicknames- affect us. Deeply. 

The Wing Walkers virtual Squadron have had the following members called to be part of the Heavenly Flight over the years ... 

  • Art "WWKat" Stacy
  • Rebecca "WWLilly" Waterson
  • H. Ian "WWWringer" Smuck
  • Tom "WWHappy" Madron
  • Tim "WWIcy" Owens
  • Jerry "WWNatops" Spruiel

As a special comment on how these lives have affected us, often without ever meeting them face to face, our own WWTharn created a song that we might all relate to. "Friendly Voices" ... Please give it a listen. And know that some of the voices you hear speaking in captured snippets throughout that song, are among those named above.

Finally... For those groups/squadrons of virtual pilots that have had to endure the loss of their friends, please... add your replies. Let's not forget those who would have liked to enjoy this new sim as much as you and I hope to.


* @admins: Feel free to add this to the existing "In Loving Memory" thread, but as it was locked I was unable to add this post to it.



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I know HT from the RoF forum, think he did left RoF because he was always being trolled by a few guys. Here a sample https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/43358-wheres-hot-tom/?hl=hottom#entry617082. You will find him at the DCS forum, his last post was https://forum.dcs.world/topic/325313-what-is-mfcd/#comment-5212464

so he is alive and kicking. 


I do hope the RoF/BoX trolls and lunatics, will keep away from this forum by the moderators, it scares newcomers. 

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