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Seasonal Holiday Music


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Whichever Holiday works for you post music that is played during that time frame. :classic_cool:

White Christmas - The Drifters



Sung by The Drifters. Cartoon by Joshua Held. Featuring Bill Pinkney on lead bass and Clyde McPhatter on tenor. An animated Christmas Card, and a homage to a great song, a great band, and a great Holiday.

This cartoon's official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/people/White-Christmas-Cartoon-with-Santa-and-his-Reindeer-Singing-The-Drifters/100039883332210/


White Christmas - The Drifters



I post this video most every year in memory of Trapper, a long time M4T member who passed in April of 2014, since this was one of his favorite songs.



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A little early for Christmas, but one of my favorite German versions of an old classic, flashmob style in the Berlin Galerie Kaufhaus. Lyrics were rewritten to reflect the cosmopolitan nature of Berlin, but still retain its message.


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