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Long time sim pilot from way back in the late 80's Air Warrior time frame. Spent a long time in Fighter Ace after getting tired of the whole AW vs Warbirds fest and then eventually moved over to AH with a group; then started the VF-17 squadron in AH and eventually jumped ship to play DCS full time and IL-2 before taking a long break with HOTAS setup just gathering dust till yesterday. Spent way too much money on flight sim subs and gear. I see a bunch of names from all my previous time in games and am glad to be here.

Thanks to GPatricks for pointing the way to the Pacific stuff over here!

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AH Callsign Reschke from March 2001 till tour 146
Founder and CO VF-17 Jolly Rogers September 2002 - December 2006

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Welcome @Reschke, i'm of the same era, was in the Warbirds camp, then beta for AH and very active there until ~2004 when I got burned out a bit.. Had a few names, think Dale changed how long it needed to be at one point. Was always a derivative of "Icer" though. Last squad was the Blue Knights with longtime friends, "Slapshot" being my wing since day1..


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Asus Z790-PLUS D4, Corsair 1000X PS \ Intel i9-13900KF @5.8Gz - Corsair H150i Liquid CPU cooler \ 64GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 @ 3192mhz \ SBlasterX G6 \ 2TB NvMe M.2 Boot Drive \ Zotac GeForce RTX 4090 Trinity 24GB - Nvidia 556.12 drivers \ 3 Samsung LC32G53TQWUXEN 32" 7680x1440 at 144Hz Gsync \ Win11 Pro Ver. 23H2 - Build 22631.3810 \ TIR 5 \ Warthog HOTAS  with VirPil stick base \ MFG V3 Pedals \ TM MFDs  on 2 8" Lilliputs \ Simgears ICP \ Varjo Aero VR

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