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Kerbal Space Program (original)

Sea Serpent

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Not sure how many people who play the combat flight simulators also play things like Kerbal, but I think it's just awesome.  I'm a very latecomer to this game.  I've been playing the same "career" on and off for about 2 years, and some of my vehicles are getting pretty sophisticated.  I've recently launched my first series of missions to the planet Duna.   It's extremely satisfying to create some of these vehicles, with hundreds of components, and then fly them to success.  If anyone else plays this game, feel free to post your own screenshots and tall tales here, as will I.  (I have KSP 2, but am not satisfied with it at this time and don't play it)

Duna main transit vehicle/orbiter section launch.  That is a big rocket.


Liquid Boosters coming off:


Assembled after rendezvous with Duna Lander.


"Trans-Duna Injection"


Finally, there is also a large Rover, arriving separately, and yet unmanned.  Here it is all packed up and tucked into its shell, which will only be jettisoned right before landing. 


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I played a looooot of ksp back in highschool when I had more time, its a great game and mods can turn it into something really special. One day I want to get back into it.

That being said, I really don't see much of a point in buying ksp2.. Doesn't seem like it does anything that a modded ksp1 couldn't, and it certainly doesn't seem like it does any of it in a particularly more polished matter compared to ksp1. 

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Working signatures? What a novel concept!

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Also doing an asteroid capture mission.  So it started like this, some kind of base vehicle with 3 nuclear engines like this:


That could be folded up like this for launch:


And to skip a few orbital building steps with attachment modules and EVAs, eventually became this, a self-fueling propulsion unit and "base" for a captured 1700 ton asteroid.  This is one cool f***in game.


(Edit:  I anoint this ship with the name Her Kerbal Majesty’s Ship, Warningstar.  Being that this is strictly a Kerbin People’s Air Force affair, the civilian Kerbal Space Program, and their worn and weak leaders, Jedediah and Valentina, will be pleased to know that with the new ability to steer asteroids at will, the KPAF is now the most formidable force in the entire Kerbol System. Yours Truly, Col. Dodbro Kerman, Captain of the Warningstar, and the only senior pilot that didn’t get to go to Duna.  See you in about 4 Kerbin years, Jeb and Val, if you make it back!)

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Posted (edited)

Asteroid was originally captured into Kerbin orbit by nudging it into an aerobraking situation, and then raising its periapsis again.  I don't know how I would have captured it if it didn't happen to pass very close to Kerbin in the first place, and without dipping into the atmosphere, because the capture vehicle barely had enough Dv.  The resulting apoapsis was outside the orbit of Minmus, with a period of about 40 days, and now I need to start reeling it in.  The end goal is actually to bring it into orbit around The Mun. 

So here is the situation.  Blue orbit is the current one, dotted gold orbit is the planned orbit.


Coming in fast.  Notice drills mining the surface:


Retrograde burn around the nightime side of Kerbin.  There was concern about thrust symmetry, because the big Mainsail engine on the original capture booster is a lot more powerful than those 3 Nerva engines on the base ("HKMS Warningstar"), but it stayed pointed where it should.


Good Burn.  Next periapsis, will change the inclination to same as Mun (equatorial), and then the plan is that The Mun should eventually just come around and pick it up.




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Meanwhile, the decadent, and smug Jebediah and Valentina have a moment onboard the Gargantua-1 command ship's exclusive Disco lounge, bound for Duna.  They are so confident that they are using a KAL-1000 as a gaming table.  One hopes that the higher functions of the KAL-1000 have been deactivated.


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Lagerlas Kerman is the newest Kerbonaut.  She must demonstrate that she has the right stuff.



Subsonic test flight, shown in crew spaces cutaway view.  "It flies really well!  Good balance and limiting in the controls, good stability so far.  Could benefit from KAL-1000 controlled drooping inboard elevons, and auto-coordinating yaw system."-Lagerlas.  Probably why this game draws me in so much, because you can actually do things like that, just limited by your stoned imagination, lol, and fly it in the cockpit first person...my other flight simulator.



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