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One day, as we get older....


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... and sit in front of our screens, flying combat sims, we'll be the ones talking to our grandchildren about the battles we fought in the skies of the ETO, MTO and PTO. 

Sadly though, we will probably be the only ones to share the memories of the veterans we had the chance and took the time to speak with. 

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Last November I met a C-47 pilot John Hillman who flew in the Middle East Campaign, Italy and Burma. He’s 104 right now and for the past 3 years has walked over 100 laps to raise money — for the past two years it’s been for the children in Ukraine. I even have his autograph.

It was good to meet someone who participated in lesser known campaigns of WW2.


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18 hours ago, Stick said:

Including fond memories of time spent with and listening to WWI veterans.


17 hours ago, Mysticpuma said:

Very rare, but yes, I did that too.

Spent several summers on a farm with a WW1 veteran. My maternal grandfather was a WW1 veteran. He came up about 5  months short of living to 104. His health declined rapidly in the last 6 months but up to that point we thought he might make it into the 2,000s and lived in three centuries.



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