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Baldurs Gate III


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I was a massive fan of the original Baldurs Gate games and at the time I thought they were amazing. Scoot forward several decades and out comes Baldurs Gate III and I have to say, in opinion it is masterpiece and hopefully the benchmark for how games should be made moving forward. Larian studios (an indie company) have genuinely listen to their customer base and I think they have created the greatest (c)RPG to date. A completed game with no micro transactions or in-game purchases, massive attention to detail, respect for the lore and most importantly respect and involvement for the paying customer. The only downside that I have see so far is the very basic character customisation at the beginning of the game due on no doubt in large part to feature androgynous looking characters for the modern day "requirements". You can play pre-generated characters but if you want to create an original character there is not much choice and limited options to make that truly unique character. Hopefully  mods will sort out that little issue. Larian studios truly have shaken the gaming industry tree and we had seen many AAA gaming company heads whining on "social media" that gamers shouldn't have there expectations raised for other games because BG III over delivers in every department. Almost seems like they are saying just accept our unfinished  product and micro transactions. I hope that with the release of this game, and I'm keeping everything crossed for Starfield, maybe we have turned a corner to get back into a scenario where games developers actually care about their customer base and give the customer what they want (as it used to be). Only time will tell I suppose?

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