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Game and Editor should execute in parallel

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One way to speed the editing and creation process is to be able to run the Editor in a window and the Game in the other. The loading time of the IL2 sim is now is very long and so it becomes very boring and lengthy to do the testing. The modification-run cycle has become very slow.

This was not really possible in IL2 (possible but with complications) and so I hope that it will be implemented in Combat Pilot from start as a standard feature. The editor could also be sold separately so that it will have to be supported and maintained (updated regularly).

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I can tell you that Jason is well aware what a pain it was in IL2 to not have the editor operate within the sim environment as it did in 46, and as it does in DCS...so you're not shedding light on anything here Icky.

We can count on the team doing everything they can with regard to the editor, and we'll just have to see what shakes out.





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