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Please don't let the pilot crash-land and sit there burning to death. Can we bail out again on the deck?

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One of those small but irritating visual issues that just bugged me in CloD and BoX.

You successfully evade the enemy or skilfully crash-land your aircraft, even if it's on fire. Then on BoX and CloD, the little fella sits there waiting to accept his fate, burning to death. I guess too, in the Pacific, you crash into the water, and in CloD and BoX...drown.

I miss that little feature of popping the canopy and getting away from the aircraft. It's a small tweak, but it feels so much more rewarding to know you escaped death by either diving to the ground or popping open a life raft.

Often when I would crash land in Box or Clod, the little fellow will sit there and burn to death. Going back to the original IL2, it was satisfying to run from a burning aircraft and dive for cover to escape. 


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