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  1. Congratulations on first DD, nice to see, wallet ready, when you are. Looking forward to carrier landings, but they might be a bit Kamakazi like, at first.
  2. Hats off to the RN Pilots, (I'm a Crab) They took the Corsiar into service, in smaller carriers than the USN, when the USN had put a hold as they had problem landing, as they found the landing gear too hard/stiff and caused it to bounce about. The brits solved it by teaching the pilots to use the view over the gull wing on landing, Don't do a straight in, you can't see a thing. Bring it in from the port sid at 45 deg keep the deck in view until the last moment as your are always turning left, and then dump it down. The Corsair went to the U.S. Marines and the USN took it back later.
  3. I asked for instead of 8x speed, as the Pacific is so vast, 16x if possible, please
  4. Welcome, & best of luck guys, hope you have experience of herding cats.😄
  5. I tend to use autostart, and then taxi out,(time constraints) ok its not far in a carrier. Absolute precision in the cockpit, ....not really, IMHO if it flies CLOSE to the numbers, great, the aircraft model should look good/great. But as there are no flying KI-61 Tony's , I'd accept whatever the manual said it could. Hopefully the AI will not be crewed by dead eye dicks (IL2-1946 - B24 gunners) or unreal flying capabilities. IL-2 BON P-51 Leaves my ME-262 standing! lol
  6. I know the Pacific is VAST.....But our time is short, you never know when the call comes....."Your dinners out!". So can we cut the time between legs, I like the 8x available on IL2, But 16x would be better, to get to the main event. IMHO
  7. So looking forward to what you do, been in retirement a couple of years, this has cheered me up no end, Hope I'm around long enough for many many updates. Glad your getting a great response
  8. Jason mentioned the USA/Japan conflict, with carriers, all sorely missed. He also mentioned Europe further down the road, hope I'm around long enough for the latter but will be buying whatever's coming. Great time to be a retired person, and a flight simmer! Wife has accepted that the wallet's going to take a hit, wonderful woman
  9. Really delighted to hear of the new sim, Ex RAF guy, now fully retired...but busier than ever, (Your wife will always find another job.....lol) Been flight simming for years, thanks to the great support of my wife. Have a very nice set up. I tend to do short flights,(Like I say, wife & dog take up a lot of time) like aviation history and medieval history. Enjoy fighter bombers, but fighters are fine, expect Jason to make good decisions and will support this sim no problems. Looking forward to the Zero having just read Suburo Sakai's book, again! lol Good luck and best wishes for the future
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