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South East Asia (Burma, Dutch East Indies, Malaya) & South West Pacific

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Hi all - in time would really appreciate South East Asia and South West Pacific expansions including e.g. Burma, Dutch East Indies, Malaya, Borneo, New Guinea etc.  Initial wishlist of aircraft as follows:



In particular I would really enjoy early war missions defending Singapore in a Buffalo or Hurricane. Let me know your thoughts/comments.

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awesome list, and thanks for the links as well

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MSI MAG Z790 Carbon, i9-13900k, NH-D15 cooler, 64 GB CL40 6000mhz RAM, MSI RTX4090, Yamaha 5.1 A/V Receiver, 4x 2TB Samsung 980 Pro NVMe, 1x 2TB Samsung 870 EVO SSD, Win 11 Pro, TM Warthog, Virpil WarBRD, MFG Crosswinds, 43" Samsung 4K TV, 21.5 Acer VT touchscreen, TrackIR, Varjo Aero, Wheel Stand Pro Super Warthog, Phanteks Enthoo Pro2 Full Tower Case, Seasonic GX-1200 ATX3 PSU, PointCTRL, Buttkicker 2, K-51 Helicopter Collective Control

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For the Dutch East Indies part, you can actually also add all the IJN crowd, they did take part to the original campaign too - which really makes it an interesting (if not a bit stretched) theater. The main issue being that Indonesia alone is as large a place as the whole Mediterranean sea taken alone... 😅

The Malaya peninsula itself is as big a England - and including Sarawak would mean having that one part stretched between Saxony & Latvia relative to England. And that's not even mentioning the airbases in the Southern part of Vietnam. Challenges all around, but interesting ones for sure!🤗

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