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I really hope we will see an effort put into the depiction of weather and atmosphere. Equatorial weather is very different from what is commonly experianced in Europe or (most parts of) the US.

On one side you have the clarity of the air that allows for very long range spotting even at relatively low altitudes, quiet unlike European weather. Then you have the quick change of weather from light clouds to overcast and rain which makes longer distance flights a challenge, as the weather at destination can only be guessed.

While initially on small islands out there in the blue such as Midway, these features as well as the change of weather certainly are less pronounced, but should this sim ever venture in the PNG area, then clouds and weather will be the more problematic enemy than the other bellingerent.

Flights crossing the Owen Stanley Range are one thing if you can get high, but clouds can also go that high. If you were to fly from Port Moresby to Kokoda or Wau, then it can become a huge gamble as the weather in one place can differ greatly across the next mountain range. It is even difficult with GPS on board.

I like this guys YT channel, as he is an extremely dilligent fellow (who of the pilots here also used a buddycheck box?) and he does a great job illustrating the peculiarities of PNG flying. Now imagine, no autopilot, much worse (if at all) radio, no GPS.

It's the weather report that decides how much air war you're gonna have today. In MSFS, they did a fantastic job and it sets the sim quiet far apart from what we had before.


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Very well stated! You've detailed the importance of weather for a Naval aviation simulation in a comprehensive manner. In short, Big Water makes Big Weather. This is the Straits of Mackinaw last July, looking westward from Lake Huron towards Lake Michigan on the west side of the Mackinac Bridge. Look at that front rolling in, it was some dramatic weather last summer. You can see the downdraft (microburst?) dropping behind the bridge. 

2nd pic is the east side of Mackinac Island looking east and SE across Lake Huron. Blue skies and storm clouds, showing the front. 

3rd pic show the west side of Mackinac Island looking NNW. This little intense storm cell spawned a waterspout. 

Yes, big water makes big weather,  and weather was a critical variable in Naval aviation. I hope they model this well, with innovation and artistry. I'm sure CP will be worth the wait, no matter the finished product. 




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