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While we wait, let's see those pets.

Major Lee

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These are pics of our dog and one of our barn cats. Zoomie is half Norwegian Elkhound and Husky. She is trained with German commands. Loves to run and can't get enough of the snow! Tiger is one of our barn cats, and is a very social dude. He disappeared for four days once, then came strolling back up the driveway like nothing happened. We noticed a neighbor at the other end of the street had a sign out some time later, "free kittens"... He roams a bit less now that he's "fixed" (I don't know why they call it fixed when they're actually broken...) They enjoy running around on our little family ranch.  Tiger thinks he's a King Tiger, and once had a standoff with a fawn; Tiger won when he charged the fawn and it took off running like a Bobcat was after it! 


Zoomie portait woods.jpg

Zoomie portait log pile.jpg

Tiger portrait.jpg

Tiger vs Fawn.jpg

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Our cats hate winter. And we have that 8 month a year. Rescue cats both of them. 
I probably get a dog later this year. 
If all goes well, go on chemotherapy for another 3 month and can’t remember feeling better. Irony, you do not know you been sick until your actually getting better. 
A lifelong dream having a dog, work related travel all year long prevented me to do it. Now we are selling our house and down size everything for me to work less. I am reading up on what race to choose, I want one my wife can handle but still rough enough to go hiking in mountains and join me skiing in winter


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25 minutes ago, Major Lee said:

@Lusekofte - I sincerely hope and pray for all the best for you and yours in working thru chemo and moving. Stay strong and positive! 🙏

Well I am ok. It’s just always a but when it comes to cancer. 
I had to force myself going to work. And everything simply stopped. Turned out I was critically low on blood. I am ok now after a major surgery. 
Prognoses are good and I walk long trips every day. Never felt better

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