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New standard for kills

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No more vulching counted as a air kill, it's a ground kill and shall not be counted against the guy helpless on the ground.  That will eliminate loads of malarkey and bad blood.  An air kill must be rightfully earned with a combatant who is wheels up, just like the real deal.

No more MIA or KIA losing your kills earned, they didn't do it in real life, you earned the score, you kept it even if you ended up a POW for years or posthumous.  Credit still goes to the team board.  A real time stats total on each team, sum of the teams efforts.  Add up all the players score board totals on a bottom line, total kills, air and ground by category as the mission plays.     

And please no radar information telling the exact type or class and whether its carrying payload or not, and no exact altitude, numbers, and vector information, this isn't suppose to be 21st century AWAC's.  We should have the ability to set up ambushes and surprises exploiting radar.             

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