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Zero, type 21 video...

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Man, that is a stunning example of the A6M2-21.  Absolutely immaculate.  I had the chance to walk around a flying example of the A6M5 and sit in an F8F back in '05 at an airshow.  Now I know why the A6M was off limits! Really cool that they did that walk around.  I learned something today.  Thanks Trooper!

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Excellent video of a beautifully designed carrier fighter. Thanks for posting Trooper.

This link details the actual history of Zero A III 29. https://pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/a6m2/6544.html

The original Type 21 engine was a Sakae-12, developing 950hp on takeoff, dry weight 590kg. I wonder what effect the fitting of the P&W R-1830-75 (developing 1350hp ontake off, dry weight 666kg) to the reconstructed Zero featured above had on it's performance? Faster? Better climb? More fuel usage?

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That's really interesting with all the hand holds, and steps and stuff like that. Things we as simmers don't ever really have to do or worry about. We just start in the cockpit 🙂

I was lucky enough to sit in a P-51D at EAA last Summer, and got in while using some of these steps and hand holds. Pretty cool!

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